Holistic Massage School Shares Sage Advice on Life/Work Balance

Ever wonder how to balance the demands of a thriving Massage Therapy Practice with a happy home life?  It’s an important question that requires honest self-reflection of what you deem important for your career and lifestyle.  Accordingly, the faculty at Healing Hands School of Holistic Health, has prepared a list of 20 questions Certified Massage Therapists can ask themselves to clarify their vision for the life/work balance they desire.

  1. What exactly are my values? (Health, Contribution, Empathy, Kindness?) Knowing your values helps you make decisions based on how you want to show up in the world. They dictate how you treat your family, your clients, and how you wish to be received as a Professional in your community.
  2. What exactly are my priorities? (Financial security, children, family time, relationships, personal health, emotional wellbeing, service to others, etc.) Defining your priorities helps you decide how to allocate your time, attention and energy. It’s much easier to say “No” and make decisions to protect your time when you already know what’s most important.
  3. What inspired me to become a Professional Massage Therapist, and how does it continue to enrich my life? Knowing this answer and reminding yourself regularly can be very motivating.
  4. What does my ideal work environment look like?
  5. How much time do I want to dedicate to my partner and family so life feels balanced?
  6. What equipment and supplies do I need to get started?
  7. How much does Massage Therapy Insurance cost and do I need it?
  8. How much time do I want to dedicate to my career and career goals?
  9. What type of massage or bodywork most intrigues me?
  10. What modality comes most naturally to me?
  11. Who is my target client/patient, and how best to reach them?
    Specialties, like Lymphatic Drainage are in high-demand.
  12. What integrative practices or techniques can I offer to add value for patients?
  13. What marketing assistance will I need to secure the number of patients I seek?
  14. Do I prefer working as part of a collaborative team, or independently?
  15. How many days a week can I work without over-extending myself physically or mentally?
  16. How much time do I need for myself (creative self-expression, exercise, yoga, etc.?
  17. How does my energy fluctuate during the day, and how might I accommodate my natural rhythms?
  18. How many daily massage sessions are ideal for life/work balance, and for what duration?
  19. What new skills can I learn to take my offerings and income to a higher level?
  20. What complementary retail products might I introduce to patients, that align with their holistic self-care. (Aromatherapy, Thera-cane, Foam Rollers, Acupressure Ball, Supplements, CBD creams, etc.)

By asking questions about your ideal scenario, you’ll uncover a realistic vision for your future. In addition, you’ll reveal the steps you’ll need to take to make it reality. By facing the hard questions early on and finding solutions, you’ll overcome obstacles, increase your self-confidence, and maintain the momentum needed to achieve success.

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