Massage School Offers Unique Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Are you looking for a unique Mothers’ Day gift? One that offers Mom new knowledge, practical skills, and a holistic healing experience she won’t soon forget?  Then consider giving her tuition towards a Circulatory Massage Class at Healing Hands School of Holistic Health (Healing Hands).

You don’t have to become a Professional Massage Therapist to enjoy giving and receiving a therapeutic massage.  At Healing Hands, Mom can learn how to provide a full-body Circulatory Massage in as little as 1 month!  Imagine, she can start a class in April, and gain the knowledge and skills to relieve pain, reduce stress, and positively impact others by June!

Healing Hands’ Circulatory Massage class can be a unique and valuable experience for Moms interested in learning about the Holistic Healing Arts.  With more than 40 courses to choose from, there is something of interest for every mom.  In addition to dozens of massage therapy and energy-work modalities, Healing Hands offers integrative classes like Reflexology, Somatic Awareness, Lymphatic Drainage to name a few.

As part of Healing Hands curriculum Students must participate in 50 hours of Massage Clinic work. Accordingly, each of Healing Hands’ three campus locations offer Student Massage Clinics that are open to the public. Surprise Mom with the gift of two, hour-long Massage sessions for just $55. It’s also a wonderful way to introduce her to Healing Hands’ community of Student Healers.

Finally, all campus locations have an on-site bookstore that goes way beyond just books.  In fact, students can shop for their massage table, bolster, massage chair, table warmer, sheets, face cradle liners and high-quality massage and essential oils without ever leaving the premises!

Campus bookstores also carry a variety of unique books, study-guides, and self-care products you won’t find anywhere else. Bookstore hours are: 9am to 5:30pm Mondays through Fridays. Visa and Discovery Cards accepted.  Below is a sampling of products sold at Healing Hands’ bookstores.


Massage Oils, Lotions, Creams & Gels
Essential Oils
 Massage Tables, Bolsters, Warming pads, face cradle liners, and massage table sheets.

La Crosse Balls (for Deep Tissue and Self-Acupressure)

Massage Chair Package

Knobble (for Self-Acupressure)

Instructors, Denise Fultz and Raina Colvin


NOTE:  The above is a partial list of items available, please visit us at one of our campus locations to see our full collection.

To date, Healing Hands has prepared more than 8,000 students for successful careers as Professional Massage Therapists and can do the same for YOU! Learn more, visit us online at To arrange a classroom tour call us at (949) 305-2722 in Laguna Hills or (760) 746-9364 in Escondido and (858) 505-1100 in San Diego/Kearny Mesa.