Student Testimonial for Healing Hands School of (Massage) Holistic Health

Dear Harmony Morgan,

When I first came to Healing Hands School of Holistic Health, I had just moved from Florida. Having left friends, family, and career behind, I was looking for a fresh start and a new community.  As a former Marketing Director and Special Events Planner, I dealt with  deadlines for over 20 years and was fed up!  After an review of my values, I decided to  pursue a life-long interest in the Holistic Healing Arts.

I was always the first to run to the aid of someone in pain or distress.  A sensitive child, I always had a natural empathy and compassion for others. I also possess a strong curiosity and interest in the workings of the mind and body. Though I Majored in Psychology, looking back I realize I’ve been practicing massage my entire life.  From the shoulder rubs I offered friends to the therapeutic stretches given to heal my brother’s severe leg injury, my instincts were those of a Healer.

When I visited Healing Hands the first time, you greeted me warmly and explained your Programs clearly and enthusiastically.  You referred to students as Healers, which really resonated. We discussed the variety of career paths and environments I could pursue.  These included: Self-employment, Massage Clinics, Day Spas, Hospitals, Chiropractic Offices, Resorts, Cruise Ships, Casinos, Health Fairs, and more. The variety of options was very positive and the idea of being part of this healing community was appealing.

We also discussed the median annual wage of $50,000 and potential earnings of up to $80,000 annually.  You directed me to reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and a binder filled with Job Opportunities received by Healing Hands’ Job Placement Team.

Best of all, you took me through what a typical day in a Massage Therapy class would be like.  That’s what drew me in.  Not only could I expect to learn how to give a massage, I would also be receiving therapeutic massage daily.  I couldn’t imagine a more relaxing and healing educational experience.

After  just 2 months into my Program, I had learned how to deliver a full-body therapeutic massage.  Within a year, I had accumulated an additional 400 hours of study and a renewed self-confidence!

Andy’s Place – My dining room morphed into a Massage Therapy Clinic!

The 500 hours completed allowed me to apply for Certification, making me legally eligible for employment.  Healing Hands has a reputation for turning out caring and competent Massage Therapists. Accordingly, I had three job offerings within weeks of Graduation.

After a year of real-world practice, I wanted to learn more. I returned to Healing Hands for an additional 500 hours of advanced study. The new techniques I learned were easily integrated into my Massage sessions and enhanced their therapeutic effects. Being able to connect with clients one on one and help them relax, heal, and rejuvenate has been a very satisfying and rewarding endeavor. I eventually left a Massage Clinic to work from home, here’s where I practice.

Today,12 years later, I am still enjoying the benefits of the knowledge, skills, and massage modalities learned at Healing Hands.  My personal favorite is Hawaiian Massage, or Lomi Lomi, and Shiatsu Massage. I want to thank you and Instructors, Raina Colvin, Denise Fultz, Shaunna Avila-McLure, and Jennifer Peterson for helping make my life-long interest in Holistic Healing a reality.


At Healing Hands, we’re passionate about Massage and Holistic Health.  We enjoy helping students realize their career goals.  Great care is taken to match them with the Program most aligned with their vision.  We also provide an abundance of financial resources to help them achieve it.

Could a career as a Professional Massage Therapist be right for you? If so, call us to arrange a classroom tour and explore your options!  In Laguna Hills call (949) 305-2722, or call (760) 746-9364 for Escondido, or (858) 505-1100 for Kearny Mesa/San Diego.