Massage for Balance When Emotions Flare – A Holistic Approach

“While it’s up to each of us, as adults, to take responsibility for our own wellbeing, feeling overwhelmed at times is a natural part of the human condition”, says Harmony Morgan, Director for Healing Hands School of Holistic Health– Laguna Hills “When emotions flare, we may feel a loss of control and vulnerability that causes us to act (or react) making matters worse. Though there’s no ‘silver bullet’ cure for over-whelming emotions, research confirms that ten minutes of massage can help your body fight stress and improve mood. It’s a Holistic, self-care strategy that makes a huge difference for students and clients’ who make it a practice.

Massage & Bodywork – Relaxing the Mind and Body!

The Massage modalities taught at Healing Hands like: Swedish (Circulatory) , Shiatsu. Deep Tissue, Sports, Thai, Lomi-Lomi (Hawaiian), and Chinese TuiNa, offer many substantial benefits.  One of the most important is ‘downregulation’ of the nervous system.  This is because Medical Science has determined that a relaxed nervous system is the key to unlocking the body’s self-healing process.  According to the American Massage Therapy Association, Massage also speeds healing by contributing a fresh flow of blood, oxygen,  and nutrients to muscles, joints, and tissues. It helps quiet the mind and provides time for self-reflection, both helpful in regaining a sense of being “Centered”.  The body/mind benefits of Massage contribute greatly to long term health and emotional wellbeing when part of an ongoing Self-Care Program.

Aromatherapy uses concentrated plant and herbal oils, that, when inhaled, induce a sense of relaxation (or stimulation), while imparting a variety of medicinal benefits.  These may include decreasing nasal and chest congestion, soothing inflammation of the sinuses and speeding the healing from respiratory illness.  Studies also reveal Aromatherapy can enhance mood and lift feelings of anxiety, which can lead to over-whelm.  Best of all, different blends of Aromatherapy can reduce pain that contributes to agitation and depression.  It’s a simple yet effective and extremely popular add-on to most Massage Therapy and Bodywork sessions.

Tai chi. As part of Healing Hands corePaula (left front) and Harmony Curtiss (center front), lead a group of students in a Tai Chi flow to warm their muscles and calm their minds before Body-work. 100-hour Circulatory Massage course, Instructors teach  a short form of Tai-chi that includes less than 12 movement/postures. The intention is to help students warm up the body while focusing on breathwork and meditation to calm the mind.   This form of Tai Chi requires smaller, slower movements than the long form and focuses on breath work.  According to the Harvard Medical School, these movements strengthen the body’s upper and lower extremities and core muscles of the back and abdomen.  By offering the key components of fitness conditioning: muscle strength, balance, flexibility, and focus, Tai chi is an exceptional self-care practice for the Massage Therapist and their clients.

At Healing Hands, we strive to teach Students how to be proactive about reducing stress in their lives.  In addition to these holistic modalities, we urge Students to take responsibility for their actions and attitudes which impact their emotional and physical health.  We believe this acknowledgement is empowering and an important first step toward cultivating inner balance,” she added.

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