Massage Therapists Help Patients Recover From Injuries

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Massage Therapy: Specializing in Injury Recovery

Massage therapists are extraordinary healers and are vital to everyone’s well-being, injured or not. It’s no secret anymore that massage therapists help injured muscles heal faster and stronger. Clinically, massage therapy recovery treatment(s) have proven to speed up healing as a direct result of triggering molecules that reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, deliver oxygen, and muscle fiber regeneration.

You may not be surprised to learn that there is no “one” technique that is a cure-all for muscle injuries. As a matter of fact, if you are someone considering entering into the massage therapy world to specialize in injuries and recovery, you’ll quickly learn that there are many forms of massage techniques that are advantageous for the muscle recovery of your clients.


The power of recovery massage therapy

Many Research institutions like Harvard Medical & Mayo Clinic and other credible research conductors are now sharing their theories on how massage therapy may replace pain meds because massage treatments interrupt pain messages on much the same biochemical pathways meds are.


First Step to Recovering injured muscles

Some might say that any type of massage for anything is always good, BUT the first step for a massage therapist before delivering any kind of manipulative pressure should always be the need to analyze what kind of injury you’re interacting  with. And what stage of injury would allow for it. Better safe than sorry!

Why technique matters

Having massage training that specializes in recovery from HHS will provide you with a robust list of techniques that will guide you in knowing how to best treat and support your clients. Healing is hardly ever a simple or direct path, but a professionally trained and intuitive healer, like your future self, can help you sustain an amazing career.

Some of the techniques you’ll master but not limited to are:

  • Swedish massage (helps circulate blood to the area gently without damaging muscle tissue, it is one of the most gentle forms of massage.)
  • Deep tissue massage (targets deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Eases muscle tensions and/or range of motion.),
  • Sports massage therapy (a muscle tension releaser, helps reduce pain injury associated pain while aiding in the release of waste products such as lactic acid)

Massage is very important to healing because massaging muscles, using gentle pressure, can facilitate circulation by breaking up congested areas and therefore allowing oxygen and nutrients into the area. Healing Hands offers other certifications that are tremendous compliments to basic massage techniques, including but not limited to shiatsuhealing promoting, tui na, aromatherapy, reiki, and more. Share with admission what your goals are so we can help you create the most efficient path to get there!

Follow Your Curiosity

Students at Healing Hands Massage School have the opportunity to learn and incorporate many forms of healing massage types or styles into their learning portfolio. Healing Hands admissions team is here to help you specialize in the techniques you love and envision yourself doing in the massage career field. Contact admissions today at any one of our campuses to get the answers you need.