Using Crystals In Massage Therapy

Our holistic style of teaching allows us to use many different resources to enhance each massage therapy session. Along with natural bodywork, our students are trained to understand how energy affects the wellbeing of their clients.

Crystals interact with the body’s energetic fields, the chakras, to help heal and balance the mind, body, and soul. It may not look like it to the naked eye, but healing crystals and cells in the body are made up of the same type of energy.

Our students in Laguna Hills, Escondido, and Kearny Mesa are all able to take courses that teach them how to use crystals within their massage therapy. They use these powerful healing capabilities as beneficial tools within their personal lives and into their massage careers.


Here’s what to know about crystal healing within massage therapy:


The Benefits Of Crystal Healing

Crystals have the power to raise the client’s level of overall wellness through three main strengths: clearing, energizing, and balancing. Using crystals in massages can reduce not only muscle pain but also blocked energy stored in the mind and soul. On a vibrational level, crystal massages help to bring the client’s body and energy field back into balance. For some, they work to energetically remove toxins and stress, while for others they will energize and restore the soul.


Types Of Crystals To Use In Massage

Rose Quartz: Rose quartz is a stone of unconditional love that helps to open and heal the energy of the heart. It encourages the forgiveness of others and within yourself. Rose quartz emits vibrations of love, beauty, and compassion. It’s a feel-good stone that nurtures, supports and allows you to feel the most powerful energy in the universe: love.

Aventurine: Aventurine helps clients overcome feelings of self-doubt. It opens up the energy of the heart, attracting new opportunities. It helps to increase confidence, self-worth, and optimism. As the mind and energy field open up, clients are able to see the infinite abundance and opportunities that surround them.

Tiger Iron: Tiger Iron is the most energetically dynamic of all the grounding stones. It is useful for healing, as it encourages health, personal power, will, and mental clarity. This crystal lends strength, stamina, and energy to the physical body. It enhances creative expression and allows one to feel more confident and capable of creating one’s ideal reality.


The mind, body, and soul can pick up a crystal’s energy in many forms aside from massage therapy. At Healing Hands, the use of crystals can be seen inside and outside of the classroom. As our students learn more about utilizing these healing energies, they begin to integrate it into their own lives in order to heal their clients in the most beneficial ways possible.


These classes in our Spring Session incorporate crystal healing:

Reiki I
Thursdays & Tuesdays 9am – 4pm
March 21 – 28

Reiki II
Tuesdays & Thursdays 9am – 3:30pm
April 2 – 18

Spiritual Healing
Fridays & Mondays 6pm – 10pm
April 5 – 19

Kearny Mesa:
Energetic Bodywork
Sunday 10a – 4p & Tuesday 6 – 10p
June 9 – July 2

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PS: Our Holistic Living Retreat is next month! To learn more, speak with our office staff in any of our three locations.