Power of Music: Psychology Behind The Massage Sessions

Music and massage are deeply connected. Did you know that music can actually have a huge impact on people’s levels of anxiety and relaxation? Choosing the right kind of music for your massage therapy sessions is a key part of setting the right vibe and overall feeling for each massage experience. Read on for all the essential tips for selecting the very best massage music!

How to Choose Music For Your Clinic

Choosing the perfect music for your massage clinic is easy. Just follow these three steps!

Pick a Great Beat

Did you know that not all beats are created equal? In order for the music to be as relaxing as possible, it’s best to pick music that is not too fast, simple, and somewhat neutral. The songs shouldn’t be too familiar, as this can be distracting for certain people. A few good genres of music for massage therapy include soft pop, nature sounds, classical music, and world music. All of these have slow, ambient tones which have been scientifically proven to help people relax! Avoid overplayed popular songs or extremely complicated music, which can get annoying and repetitive very quickly. Remember, this is a massage clinic, not a top forty playlist.

Have a Wide Selection of Options

No one wants to listen to the same song over and over every day, so make sure you have more than one playlist available for your massage clinic. Likewise, not every client likes the same genres or artists, so it’s good to have a few you can quickly switch between. Also, make sure each is a fairly long playlist that can go for at least a few hours. The last thing you want during a massage therapy session is for your playlist to end halfway through and be left in silence. Talk about awkward!

Remember, Each Client is Different

In the end, it’s vital to remember that your client is the one whose needs and wants should be respected and listened to. When they are getting their massage, it’s their time and their experience — not anyone else’s! Thus, it’s important to communicate openly with your client and understand what their personal preferences are. Remember that just because you or a particular client enjoy a certain kind of music, it does not necessarily mean that everyone else does. Have a couple of mood-based playlists available for options, and make sure your client knows that they can request a swap if they’re just not feeling a particular beat!

Music For Massage Therapy Clinics

Music is an important part of setting the scene and overall feel of your massage therapy clinic. Just like massage, music is a great way to help you, your staff, and your clients relax and escape from the everyday stresses of life. Following a few easy guidelines can help you pick the best possible playlist of massage therapy music, proven by studies to assist your massage clients in their relaxation. Take your massage therapy clinic to the next level of excellence with the perfect playlist, which is sure to promote an environment of healing. Your clients are waiting!