Understanding Intuitive Body Reading

Science shows us that everything is made up of energy. From the environment we live into our own bodies, we are constantly surrounded by it. The energy inside of us affects the balance of our mind, body, and soul. 


The most recognizable forms of it in our bodies are “high” or “low” energies. But these energies can also be thick, leaving us feeling like we are pushing through the mud on a hard day, or light, providing radiance that attracts others. 


Intuitive body reading is a way to understand the messages your body is trying to communicate with you. Our life force energy (Chi) provides signals that -when we are aware- act as a compass in our bodies. 


In both our Massage Therapy and Holistic Health Practitioner Program, students learn ways in which they can balance the mind, body, and soul of their client. Intuitive body reading can be an effective way to treat clients that need more than physical healing. 


The Impact Of The Body

From a holistic point of view, everything is connected. This means that what happens in your mind also affects your body. No organ system stands apart from your thoughts. When tapping into intuitive healing, it’s important to take notice of how your body is responding. While a positive attitude can stimulate growth, a negative mindset can impede it. When you are stressed, anxious, or upset, your body reacts in a way that might tell you that something isn’t right.



How It Can Be Used To Heal

In Western medicine, we tend to avoid all signals except for the mind when it comes to overall wellness. Intuitive body reading can be especially beneficial when you feel stuck or are seeking clarity. Healers pay attention to specific parts of the body and take notice of any pain, stiffness, or tension that arises. A complete body scan gives healers an indication of where their client holds emotional, mental, or physical issues.


Intuitive Body Reading At Healing Hands

At Healing Hands, we offer a course in Intuitive Body Reading for our students in Laguna Hills, Kearny Mesa, and Escondido. This course teaches students about body reading skills that examine the client’s face, back, hara (abdomen), body structure, birth dates, mannerisms, attitudes, and hands based on Yin/Yang and 5 element models. These body reading skills will be applied to both understanding and deepening vitality in health, relationships, and life path. 


There are a few methods that are integrated into the course: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Each method provides intuitive applications that are used in each body reading. This inspiring course allows the instructor to guide students to read people compassionately, thus assisting them in fulfilling their dreams and life purpose. 


We are dedicated to providing our students with a holistic educational environment that guides them into a promising career path in massage therapy.


Want to learn more about joining our community of healers? Reach out to us to schedule a tour at any of our three campuses: 

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  • I never thought about how something that happens in your mind can also affect your body. My husband has been suffering from extreme anxiety for quite some time now, he also hasn’t been feeling well for a few months. I now understand that the two issues could be connected. I wonder if he would be interested in getting some help, so he can get feeling better, both in mind and body.

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