Boost Your Heart Health With Massage Therapy

The long-term effects of massage therapy provide more than just a stress reliever; they benefit one of the most vital organs in your body- the heart.

February is American Heart Month. Recognizing our heart health is crucial, as heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States.

Along with teaching our students beneficial styles and modalities within massage therapy, we are also passionate about how massage improves our overall lifestyles. Our students in Kearny Mesa, Escondido, and Laguna Hills receive a well-rounded education that includes learning about our bodies and how they react to natural healing.

Having a healthy lifestyle can reduce many effects of heart disease. Along with a good diet and regular exercise, creating healthy habits such as getting a massage can improve the health of your heart significantly.


Here’s how massage therapy can aid in your heart’s health:


Improves Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is one of the most important functions in the body as it provides oxygen to all of the body’s organs (most importantly, the brain). One of the most prominent health benefits that massage therapy provides is improved blood circulation. A good massage will help cleanse congested areas, making it easier for the heart to get the blood flowing properly. With no blockage, new oxygen-rich blood is able to move through the body with more ease. This is especially beneficial for athletes or people who experience high stress, as sore muscles and strains can tense up the body, causing distracting pain.


Lowers Blood Pressure

One of the leading causes of heart problems comes from the damage caused by high blood pressure. In the United States, one in three people experiences this issue. Whether it is from stress, an unhealthy diet, or lack of exercise, putting too much stress on the heart can lead to strained arteries and possibly heart failure. Massage therapy aids in lowering blood pressure through relaxing bodywork techniques. Circulatory massages are known to lower blood pressure levels, as this modality helps regulate the blood flow of the body. With improved blood circulation, blood pressure is known to improve as well.


Slows Down Heart Rate

When blood circulation is enhanced and blood pressure is reduced, heart rate begins to slow down as well. After a well-performed massage, there is less pressure put on the heart to circulate blood around the body properly. This release of tension allows the heart not to work as hard to pump blood. Soothing a rapid heartbeat helps balance the body as well as relieving physical and emotional stress.


Your heart is a precious organ that should be taken care of properly in order to have a long and healthy life. Learning how your body responds to the benefits of massage therapy can promote your emotional and physical health.


We created Healing Hands with the intention of teaching our students a holistic way of living. Through balancing our mind, body, and soul, we are able to learn what our bodies naturally need in order to achieve optimal health. This method helps us heal our clients in the best way possible.


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  • My mom is getting older, so I wanted tips on keeping her mind and heart healthy. I didn’t know a massage could put less stress on your heart, relieving physical and emotional stress. That’s something my mom could use after a long day, so I’ll take her for a massage soon and to a care center to find more helpful tips like this, thanks to this post!

  • Massage therapy could effectively stabilize the cardiovascular system of our body. It helps to relax nerve endings of our body which helps to reduce the stress and optimizes the secretion of different types of hormones. Besides, massage therapy has a significant positive influence on the skeletal system and muscular system of our body. Besides, massage therapy also helps to stabilize the mental health of our body. So, everyone should attain a massage therapy session to improve the physical and mental health of a person.

  • Thank you for noting that one of the most noticeable health advantages of massage treatment is enhanced blood circulation. My grandfather stated that he suffers from heartache throughout the winter. I’ll locate a heart health clinic and arrange for massage treatment for his blood circulation.

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