Tui Na Acupressure

  • Qi-Gong Review

    Join Raina Colvin in a quick 2 minute warm up routine, then journey with her into energizing the body through energy movement of Qi-Gong for 18 minutes. Use your breath with Qi-Gong to activate your core body and bringing your breath to flow through each limb, finger and toe. Stretch out your body gently and lightly while bringing the energy through your mind, spirit, body and soul.

  • Shoulder Acupressure

    Tui Na Shoulder treatment. This can be used in a chair massage as well. Techniques will include rolling, traction, stretching, shaking, Na, finger springing, sawing and plucking. Find the range of motion of your client and extend their range of motion when and where appropriate. Working with acupressure point of the neck shoulder, deltoid, and arm.

  • Elbow Acupressure

    The elbow treatment starts in the chair in case you combine the shoulder and elbow treatment. This can also be done on a table. Rolling the elbow, working the forearm while in a seated position. Then changing the laying face up on the massage table. Checking your stance to make sure you are able to apply the appropriate pressure to your client throughout the treatment. This course is located in San Diego and Orange County.

  • Wrist Acupressure

    Carpal tunnel syndrome, fingers, palms, we love a good wrist and hand treatment. Raina will show you acupressure points using Tui and Na techniques as well as finger springing and bring you through an effective treatment of this body area. Tui-Na Acupressure is taught in 3 campus's, near Irvine, Oceanside and San Diego.

  • Low Back Acupressure

    A common complaint from clients is low back pain. Follow Raina through a low back treatment starting with rolling, pushing and pulling with Na and Tui. This recipe is one hour long and works both the low back, gluts, posterior thigh, IT Band, Gallbladder meridian. We move to a side laying position for different excess points into the low back.

  • Neck Acupressure

    Tui Na Neck treatment will begin in a seated position. Start with rolling, then work the points both bilaterally and unilaterally. Go over danger sites for the neck, and spend the time getting comfortable on the neck. Neck work will also go into jaw and TMJ work. This is many peoples favorite and most difficult recipe to perfect.

  • Knee Acupressure

    The knee treatment starts with your client in a prone position. We will work the knee, calves, We will roll the knee and use acupressure points along the hamstrings, gastrocnemius and all the tendons attaching to the knee from the posterior body. Midway the client will change positions to lay supine. Work with the patella, and tendons going over and around the patella. You'll work points in the on and around the knee from the thighs and down the shins to the ankles.

  • Hip Acupressure

    Hips treatment will focus on the glutes and the areas surrounding like the quadriceps, hamstrings, tensor fasciae latae. You will work from the sacrum to the greater trochanter working out the 3 gluteal muscles. We will transition to a side laying position in order to have a new vector to some of the points we want to use. We will rock the joints and release the hip muscles. Ending hip work in a supine postion working with the quadriceps and stretches.

  • Full Body Acupressure

    Full Body Tui Na tonifying treatment. This is not all the recipes put together. Rather it's a stand alone treatment for the whole body and works the client from the head, arms, hips, legs and all the way to the toes. This is the base treatment for a full-body Tui Na massage, and then add a recipe to focus on a client requested area of the body.

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