Advanced Circulatory & Sports Massage

  • Advanced Circulatory – Posterior Legs

    Follow along with Chris as he explains the techniques of Palm, Knuckle, Trench, Thumb, Iron in a Circulatory massage of the posterior leg. First we drape the posterior leg to show both the gluteal and hamstring muscles. Gluteal strokes will be completed first so that we can re-drape. Hamstring strokes will go to the origin at the ischial tuberosity (or sit bones). We work with the iliotibial tract (IT Band), calf muscles (soleus and gastrocnemius), and finish with vibrational percussion movement. These techniques can be found in our Advanced Circulatory & Sports Massage Course. This course is part of the Massage Therapist Program and is available in Orange County, near Lake Forest, San Diego North County near Vista, and San Diego South County, near Kearny Mesa.

  • Sports Massage – Posterior Legs

    Sports Massage works with the technique of cross fibering. In this lesson we learn how to cross fiber the gluteus muscles, muscles of the hamstrings, TFL, IT Band, and calf muscles including the fibularis muscles. Curriculum for this course includes understanding the origin, insertion and action of the posterior leg muscles. Bolsters are used to support the feet and ankles and keep them from cramping. At 25 minutes into this video we review the Circulatory massage of the posterior leg using palm, knuckle, trench, thumb and iron techniques. This curriculum is found in our Advanced Circulatory & Sports Massage Course located in Laguna Hills, Escondido, and Kearny Mesa.

  • Sports Massage – Anterior Legs

    Follow Chris as he describes cross fibering and advanced circulatory techniques for the anterior leg. Check with your client if you need a bolster under the knees first and drape the leg past the ASIS (Anterior Superior Iliac Spine). Chris will describe cross fiber of the quadricep muscles - rectus femoris, vastus intermedius, vastus lateralis and vastus intermedius. Students familiarize themselves with the origin, insertion and action of these muscles. Students also work on the iliotibial tract, adductor muscles, popliteal, fibularis muscles, tibialis anterior, ankle and dorsal surface of the foot. After we cross fiber, we practice our Circulatory massage techniques of palm, knuckle, trench, thumb and iron. This course is taught in Orange County and San Diego county.

  • Sports Massage – Upper Back & Subscapularis

    Join Chris for a sports massage of the upper back and neck using cross-fiber technique. Starting with the levator scapulae, then massaging the upper trapezius and supraspinatus, then rhomboids. We work on the side body serratus anterior by moving the latissimus dorsi to reach underneath and beside the scapula. The last two muscles is movement based on the serratus anterior and subscapularis. This recipe is being taught in Orange County and San Diego County Massage schools.

  • Advanced Circulatory – Upper Back & Under Scapula

    The massage everyone asks for! Upper back and lower neck work. Join Chris for an Advanced Circulatory of the upper back and neck. Starting with the levator scapulae, working down the trapezius. Palm, knuckle, trench, thumb, iron the upper back and over neck muscles. We will also work on rotator cuff muscles including teres minor, subscapularis, infraspinatus and supraspinatus. This recipe is taught in person in Laguna Hills, Kearny Mesa and Escondido.

  • Sports Massage – Low Back

    Is your clients low back locked up? First learn to bring elasticity to the skin of the low back by using skin rolling, friction locking, and cross push stretches. Once the superficial layer is unglued we cross fiber the QL and lower erector spinae. We also cover palm, knuckle, trench, thumb, iron and where the endangerment sites are of the low back so we can be careful of our pressure vectors. This curriculum is taught near Lake Forest, Vista, and Lemon Grove, California

  • Sports Massage – Chest & Arms

    Advanced Circulatory & Sports Massage shows how to properly drape a clients chest area. This sports massage will start with the intercostals and creating space between the ribs for nice deep full breaths finishing chest work with the pectoralis muscles. Arms will focus on the deltoids, biceps brachii, triceps, flexors and extensors of the forearm. This curriculum is found near Lake Forest, Vista, and San Diego.

  • Sports Massage – Abdomen

    Chris Morgan drapes his client and explains that abdominal work does not include cross fiber techniques due to the soft nature of the abdominal area. We work with the rectus abdominis, internal and external obliques, and transverse abdominis. This routine also touches on the latissimus dorsi. We show how to release the diaphragm. And we finish with some gentle touches on the abdominal area. This curriculum is found in San Diego and Orange County.

  • Sports Massage – Neck

    Ahhh neck day - one of the most looked forward to days when attending massage school. Work with the trapezius insertion and origin points, splenius capitis, levator scapulae, sternocleidomastoid, scalenes, ect. Chris identifies the bony landmarks we use to find the origins and insertions of the neck muscles. We talk about how to properly sit in a chair while doing neck work. And we end with some stretches and soft tractions of the neck. This course can by found near Irvine, Carlsbad, and Lemon Grove at Healing Hands School.

  • Sports Massage – Rocking, Passive Joint Movement, and Trepidations

    Trepidations, passive joint movement, rocking, bouncing all refer to a style of movement the uses various vibrations to create movement. Extra comfortable move for situations where clothing is kept on, this style of movement is great for pre-event and post-event athletes. Chris shows how to shift your stance and positioning as you move around the table, and what to watch out for. Sports Massage is taught in Laguna Hills, Escondido, and Kearny Mesa.

  • Sports Massage – Chair Massage Techniques

    How to adjust a massage chair for your client. A 10 minute chair massage recipe you can use in events - this simple but effective recipe largely emphasizes how you are standing so that you have a long and health chair massage day. This chair massage recipe can be found in Orange and San Diego County.

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