Myofascial Release

As a massage therapist, understanding the anatomy of the human body is essential in order to provide each client with the best healing. Clients come into their appointments for unique reasons. Between relieving stress or healing an injury, it is … Read More

Summer Essential Oils

As holistic healers, our community is continuously finding ways to naturally support our mind, body, and soul. A very common tool that many students use their massage practice and in their personal lives as well, is essential oils. Along with … Read More

Holistic Massage School Explores Six Areas of Wellness – (Part 4 of 6) Today’s Focus….Physical Wellness

Another important component to one’s holistic (whole) health, is Physical Wellness. Achieving physical wellness requires we demonstrate the personal discipline to make good choices. A Physical Wellness Program may include aerobic exercise, strength training, therapeutic stretching, a healthy diet, massage,  … Read More

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