Dr. Shannon Gonzales, DOAM, HHP

Staff Instructor Massage Therapist Program & Holistic Health Practitioner Program

Length of service: Since March 2006 (Part-time)

Dr. Shannon Gonzales is a Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, she received her doctoral from South Baylo University, Anaheim, CA in December of 2015.  Before Shannon became a doctor, she received her certificate as a Holistic Health Practitioner from Healing Hands School of Holistic Health, Escondido, CA in 2005 and is also a Certified Energy Practitioner. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge on how to live life from a heartfelt place through more self-awareness. She offers her knowledge on energy work and strives to create a safe and compassionate atmosphere. She currently maintains a private energetic bodywork practice, loves gardening and the solitude of country living.

Shannon teaches courses in  Tui Na Acupressure, Clinical Acupressure, Energetic Bodywork, Traditional Oriental Clinical Techniques, and Chair Massage