Claudia Baben, HHP, CMT

Staff Instructor Massage Therapist Program & Holistic Health Practitioner Program

Length of Tenure: Since May 2012 (Part-time)

Claudia is a California State Certified Massage Therapist and graduate of Healing Hands. After dedicating herself to the corporate service sector including senior management, Claudia’s journey to becoming a Holistic Health Practitioner started in the United Kingdom in 1999, where she was introduced to alternative therapies for self-healing. In 2002 she received her Master certification in Reiki from the Kether School of Reiki, Stafford, UK. Claudia followed her interest in Eastern Philosophies on a journey to Chiang Mai where she acquired various Certifications in an array of Thai modalities including Traditional Thai Massage and Tok Sen. It was during a period of studies in Thailand that the profound realization of the importance of cultivating happiness in oneself and others manifested itself through a deep understanding and sense of purpose.

Determined to further learn and expand herself professionally within the field of holistic therapy Claudia enrolled as a student at Healing Hands in 2011 and subsequently joined our tribe of healers and also became a valuable member of our administration. Early in 2012 Claudia became an Instructor, sharing her passion for Thai massage. Claudia’s years of experience within training and development facilitates unique teaching skills whilst providing students with the relevant guidance and support.

Claudia shares her dedication and passion for healing, bodywork and Thai massage within her own successful private practice.

Claudia teaches courses in Circulatory Massage, Lomi Lomi, Table Thai, Thai Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Herbal Thai Massage and Yoga Massage.