Boost Your Heart Health With Massage Therapy

The long-term effects of massage therapy provide more than just a stress reliever; they benefit one of the most vital organs in your body- the heart. February is American Heart Month. Recognizing our heart health is crucial, as heart disease … Read More

New Courses, Office hours, Make-ups, Ect

Hello! In this blog you will find: Additional classes added as webinars Information about office hour changes Make-up information for Federal Student Aid recipients Snap-shot of the future Youtube information for Tai Chi Supportive Facebook group Positive notes and video … Read More

Live Webinars starting March 23rd!

At Healing Hands School we pride ourselves in offering a hands-on education that mixes lectures with hands on massage to provide the most comprehensive and well-rounded approach to massage and body-work.  Our graduates are highly sought in this industry and … Read More

Sports Massage & Bodywork

Sports massage therapy is often called Therapeutic Massage, with focus moving away from relaxation and towards a more rigorous soft tissue manipulation approach.  In physical therapy offices, chiropractic settings, instead of the title ‘massage therapist’ the title might be, ‘Soft-tissue … Read More

2020 Spring Newsletter

Hello Healers, 400 years ago, poet and priest John Donne extolled the virtue and value of human community. In 1624, he wrote: ‘”No man is an island, entire of itself, every man is a piece of the continent, part of … Read More

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