Boundary Setting for the Professional Massage Therapist

Setting boundaries protects the time and energy Professional Massage Therapists need to meet their career challenges and goals. Boundaries help Practitioners remain true to your values, meet their commitments, and remain healthy and happy enough to build a successful Practice.   Toward that end, the faculty at Healing Hands School of Holistic Health shares some great advice on Boundaries.

Below are 5 essential boundaries that have helped thousands of Healing Hands Graduates sustain thriving solo-practices in the Holistic Healing Arts.

Boundary #1 – Define your clinic hours and communicate them clearly to your patients.

Abide by these hours without exception. This not only sets clear expectations for your patients, it also demonstrates respect for your time and it’s value.

Boundary #2 –Delegate tasks that don’t require your expertise whenever possible.

By delegating daily tasks that don’t require your expertise, you can focus on what you do best, deliver therapeutic massage and help your patients heal! Depending on your business acumen and budget, you may need to invest in assistance. Below are several examples of ways Practitioners delegate the details.

  • Many Professional Massage Therapists invest in a “Client Scheduling Software” that acts as a virtual Assistant. It allows them to schedule patients 24/7, communicate information, and organize data keeping administrative tasks to a minimum.
  • Some Solo-Practitioners choose to delegate to a laundry service. Having a service pick-up, wash, dry, fold and deliver massage linens to your location saves valuable time and energy.
  • Many invest in an automated Accounting program to assist  with invoicing, monitor inventory, and track income and expenses.
  • Some Practitioners invest in online Marketing Directories and/or strategies to promote their business, so they don’t have to.
  • More outgoing Practitioners may choose to focus on no-cost networking opportunities. They can target  Personal Trainers, Doctors, Chiropractors, Sports Teams, and others who can refer clients.
  • Another way Professional Massage Therapists save time and energy is to arrange online purchase and automated delivery of therapeutic massage equipment and supplies.
  • Those who prefer a more personalized shopping experience can save time with a visit to any of Healing Hands’ 3 campus locations. You’ll find all the Massage Therapy equipment (Massage Tables, Chairs, Tools) and supplies (oils, lotions, essential oils, liners, sheets, bolsters, etc.) needed for the maintenance of your Massage Therapy Practice.
Family Matters!

Boundary #3 – Schedule time for the significant others in your life.

Whether it’s your partner, child, extended family, or friends, making time for those you love is essential. Fulfilling your vows as a partner or parent contributes to your relationships, self-esteem and reinforces a sense of purpose.  Likewise, time with extended family and friends contributes to a sense of life-enhancing belonging and community.

Boundary #4 – Schedule time for yourself!

Make yourself a priority, and schedule down time regularly.  Remember, if you deplete your battery, it’s much harder to recharge!  As a Professional Massage Therapist, you understand the importance of self-care.  You can’t keep smiling and changing lives if you’re exhausted, sick, in physical pain, or emotionally pre-occupied.  Therefore, it’s essential to the success of your practice to schedule time for rest, exercise, fun and rejuvenation.

Massage Therapists abide by a Code of Ethics.

Boundary #5 – Respect the Therapist/Client Relationship!

Providing therapeutic massage to patients requires a certain level of trust. The patient seeking therapy puts themselves in a vulnerable position, both emotionally and physically.  Therefore, it is up to the Practitioner to uphold the Professional Standards put forth by the American Massage Therapy Association’s ‘Code of Ethics’. Your Professionalism defines your Practice, and your reputation; make it your highest priority.

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