Holistic Massage School Shares July’s Course Line-up

If you are thinking about enrolling in a class this Summer, consider one in the Holistic Healing Arts.  At Healing Hands School of Holistic Health, you’ll gain advanced knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, Holistic Health, and the hands-on skills to deliver therapeutic massage.  Though classes are offered year-round, below is a line-up of massage and holistic health courses offered this July 2024.  For  course descriptions please click here.  For information about about Healing Hands Programs, click here. To explore Financial Aid and Special Funding opportunities, click here.

Date Class Name When Campus Location
July 6 – Sept. 4 Advanced Circulatory & Sports Sat 9am-4pm & Wed 6pm-10pm Laguna Hills
July 7 – July 28 Energetic Bodywork Sundays 9am to 4:30pm San Diego
July 7 – Sept. 12 Thai Massage Sun. 9am-4pm & Th. 6pm-9pm Laguna Hills
July 9 – Sept 3 Circulatory Massage Tue & Th 8am-2pm San Diego
July 9 – Sept 3 Circulatory Massage Tue & Th 9am-3pm Laguna Hills
July 9 – Sept 3 Deep Tissue Manipulations Tue & Th 9am-3pm Escondido
July 9 – Oct 1 Circulatory Massage Night Class Tue & Th 6pm to 10pm Escondido
July 10 – Sept 4 Tui Na, Acupressure


Wed & Fri 9am-3pm San Diego
July 10 – Sept 4 Shiatsu Wed & Fri 9am-3pm Laguna Hills
July 10 – Sept 4 Circulatory Massage Wed & Fri 9am-3pm Escondido
July 13 – Aug 3 Therapeutic Stretching Sat 9am-4:30pm Escondido
July 14 – Sept 11 Advanced Circulatory & Sports Sun 9am-4pm & Wed 6pm-10pm Escondido
July 20 – Sept 24 Anatomy for Bodyworkers Sat 10am-4pm & Tue 6pm-10pm San Diego
July 24 – Oct 16 Circulatory Massage

Night Class

Mon & Wed 6pm -10pm San Diego


Healing Hands has been serving residents throughout Southern California for over 30 years.  To date, they have successfully prepared more than 8,000 students for rewarding careers and can do the same for YOU! Learn more online at www.Hhs.edu. To schedule a classroom tour please call (858) 505-1100 for San Diego (Kearny Mesa), (760) 746-9364 for Escondido, or (949) 305-2722 for Laguna Hills.