Massage Therapy – a Rewarding Profession on the Rise!

Healing Hands’ Healers

Students who attend Healing Hands School of (Massage) Holistic Health, (Healing Hands) are referred to as Healers.  They consider themselves to be a part of something greater, a ‘Community of Healers’ who are advocating for proactive holistic health and healing.  They do this one massage at a time, but the impact is impressive!

Throw back to 1996 - Massage @ the LA Marathon
Massage @ the LA Marathon
Massage Industry Statistics

Approximately 48 million people receive massage therapy annually and this number is climbing. The industry reports an annual revenue of more than $18 billion!  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the median income for Massage Therapists is approximately $50,000, with the top 10% earning more than $90,000. They also project that employment for Massage Therapists will grow at 18% through 2032, which is must faster than the average 3% for all occupations.

Why Massage?

According to the AMTA, the most common reasons consumers seek massage is for health maintenance, stress reduction, injury recovery or pain relief and management.  Recommendations for massage usually come from Physicians, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Nurses, or Mental Health Professionals. Massage is an excellent way to help others and it provides great personal satisfaction for the Practitioner.

Work Environments

Once Students receive State Licensure from the CAMTC they have numerous work settings to choose from.  These include Self-Employment in your home, office or as a mobile practice that goes to the client. You may also choose to work at Massage Clinics, Day Spas, Salons, Resorts, Hospitals, Health Clubs, Casinos and more!  In many cases the work hours are flexible and Massage Therapists can control their schedules.

What Massage Therapists Need to Know

Becoming a Professional Massage Therapists requires much more than mastering a few basic strokes.  Practitioners must have a comprehensive understanding of Anatomy, and how the body’s Systems work together to keep us healthy.  They also learn a variety of massage techniques, strokes, stretches and body-work strategies to promote change. Communication skills are emphasized as key to creating a personalized session that yields optimal results.  Massage Therapy can be a physically demanding career and requires the Practitioner to be conscientious about self-care.

Shiatsu Massage by Harmony
Achieving Excellence in Massage

The way to excellence as a Massage Therapist is the same as for any profession, continued study, practice, determination, and an intent to succeed. Individuals who choose the path of Massage Therapist possess a heartfelt desire to help others. They also possess a growth mindset; receptive to the experiences that help them advance their knowledge, skills, and interpersonal relations.

Are you someone who craves meaningful work? Are you fascinated by the Human Body? Want to learn more about the benefits of Holistic self-care?  If you’ve answered YES to any of the above questions, you may be destined for a career as a Professional Massage Therapist.  Learn more online at  Call us for a classroom tour at (949) 305-2722/Laguna Hills, (760) 746-9364/Escondido, (858) 505-1100/San Diego (Kearny Mesa).