Healing Hands Teacher of the Year, Chris Harmon!

Neha and I have the honor of choosing the Healing Hands Teacher of the Year each year. We review each wonderful instructor. We look at the gifts they bring to guide Massage Therapy and Holistic Health students. We listen to students’ feedback and evaluations. We discuss how the teachers communicate with us and the other teachers and staff. This year, 2023, the Teacher of the Year is the incredibly dedicated, enthusiastic, intelligent Chris Harmon!

Chris began his career in Holistic Health, becoming a Massage Technician in 1977. He worked as a massage therapist at La Costa Health Spa for several years.

When Chris came to Healing Hands School as a student in 2006, he brought his hands-on knowledge of massage, keen understanding of how the human body works through performance sports, and abounding enthusiasm.

One of Chris’s first courses at Healing Hands School was Anatomy for Bodyworkers. Here’s what Chris wrote about his course in 2006:

*Beyond the Norm! *Awesome! *Unbelievable! *Thank you for all the Good energy!

Chris volunteered with our Sports Massage class at the very first Rock & Roll Marathon. He brought his love of long-distance running, providing earnest, supportive massage therapy to the elite runners. Chris made a point to ask the athletes to sign his massage table. Now that massage table is on display at the San Diego Hall of Champion Sports Museum.

Chris himself is an avid surfer and long-distance runner. He is known in the running world for donating hundreds of hours of holistic health services at the high school and college levels.

Chris joined the Healing Hands teaching staff, first teaching Thai Massage, then adding Triggerpoint Therapy, On-Site Massage, and Advanced Circulatory and Sports Massage. Chris took some time to help his family and Mom. He came to us in August of 2020 with the kindest question we could have heard: “How can I help?” Chris immediately jumped into work in the Kearny Mesa office, and as classes came back to in-person, Chris kicked back into being one of our most loved instructors.

When we think of Chris, we all immediately think, ‘Enthusiasm.’ If you need some inspiration in your work, day, and life, you want to be around Chris. He will fill you with the energy you need. Yet Chris’s boundless enthusiasm is always infused with the simple but earnest question: “How can I help?”

Over these many years, Chris taught hundreds of Healing Hands students. Here are just a few of the comments his students shared with us:

*”Thank you, Chris, for everything. You’re such a bright light in a dark world. You bring so much happiness and love. [I] am truly blessed to know you and get to be taught by you. Stay ‘WAYYYYY’ !

*’Chris is awesome!’

Best thing about the class: *CHRIS!


* Delightful teaching!

* I love any class Chris teaches. I learn so much and have such a good time. Great environment
*Thankful for Chris as a teacher. He is energetic, encouraging, supportive and an amazing being.


Neha and I congratulate and thank Chris Harmon! The 2023 Healing Hands Teacher of the Year!

In Peace and Love,

Paula & Neha