Join the Healing Hands Board Club!

Join the Healing Hands Board Club!

Let’s THRIVE!!!

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Hello Healers!

At Healing Hands School, we learn all the muscles, the bones, the tendons, the ligaments, the fascia and soft tissues that move us and keep us engaged in life. We learn all the body systems; the circulatory, the cardiovascular, the lymph, the immune, the digestive, the skeletal, the integumentary, the nervous, the cerebral spinal, the respiratory, etc.; all the body systems that work in concert to keep us healthy. As professional Massage Therapists and Holistic Health Practitioners, we apply the same principles to ourselves that we apply to our clients. We care for our bodies. We address our nutritional intake, our proper body mechanics, and our emotional/spiritual health.  We work with our clients to relieve pain, bring relaxation to the body and mind, and also to help instill the energy to be invigorated in life’s pursuits; to, in fact, thrive. To stay in this field, we seek a life of health and a life that thrives.

2022 was the first year of the Healing Hands Board Club! Healing Hands Board Club’s initial trip was to Mammoth Lakes with the record snow fall! So much FUN!

If you are interested in joining the school’s Board Club this year, please contact Jeremy in the Laguna Hills office. He will put you on the Board Club list.

Board Club Requirements:

  1. Active Healing Hands School Student
  2. Be on the Healing Hands Board Club
  3. Establish your email address [ask Jeremy for help]
  4. Attend Zoom Board Club Meeting [next meeting September 25, 4pm]
  5. Board Club Membership fee [$] is waived for this year as we generate new members!