The “How Often” Question: Prescribing Visits

Are you wondering how many massage sessions you should be prescribing for your patients? Read this article to find out everything you need to know.


As a massage therapist, you might be interested to know that 70% of Americans use massages as a form of health treatment. Massages are popular and generally accepted as being effective.

So why is it that so many massage therapists feel uncomfortable telling patients how many massage sessions they need? It’s normal for medical doctors to prescribe frequent visits, and it should be acceptable for massage therapists to do the same.

In the article below, you’ll find a guide that will help you figure out how to go about prescribing massage sessions.

You’ll learn how to feel more comfortable prescribing sessions. The article will also show you how to determine how many sessions to prescribe. Finally, you’ll how to communicate with your patient.

Read on to learn more.

Start by Asking the Patient about Their Goals

When you first meet with a patient, ask them to tell you about their goals for massage therapy. Some patients will be trying to address a new injury that’s bothering them.

Other patients may be trying to deal with chronic pain. Some other patients may just be looking to add massage therapy to their lives to take a more holistic approach to healthcare.

Figuring out your patients’ goals is the first step towards figuring out how many massage therapy sessions they’ll need.

Remember That Your Patients Came to You for Help

One of the hurdles that massage therapists have to overcome is the idea that they should let patients decide how often to come in for massage sessions.

It’s important to remember that you, as the massage therapist, are the expert in this situation. Your patients are relying on you for massage advice, and they expect you to tell them how much help they need.

If you believe that the patient would benefit from a daily massage or weekly massages, don’t be afraid to tell the patient.

Consider Different Session Prescriptions for Different Needs

When it comes time to tell your patient how many massage sessions they need, think about their goals. If they need to heal from a specific injury, you can prescribe weekly visits until the injury is taken care of.

If they’re dealing with chronic pain, you may want to prescribe one lengthy massage per month to relieve pain. If a patient is trying to incorporate massage into their healthcare routine, you might tell the patient that they’ll need regular massages for six months.

Figuring Out How Many Massage Sessions to Provide

Now that you’re familiar with some best practices for figuring out how many massage sessions to provide, you’re ready to move forward with your patients.

Remember to communicate with your patient about their goals and to get comfortable with the idea that your recommendations are in the patient’s best interests. For more massage advice, check out the course schedule at Healing Hands School of Holistic Health.