Massage Therapy: The 2023 Career That Will Have You Earning More

There are many benefits of massages, like improved immune function, better circulation, and stress relief. And Americans are slowly becoming more cognizant of these benefits and getting massages more often than they did before.

That’s why it’s a great idea to get massage therapist training right now because you are going to be busier than ever with all the clients who want a massage in 2023 and beyond. Keep reading to find out more about why careers in massage therapy have become so lucrative now.

Many Massage Therapists Left the Industry During COVID

The pandemic created a massive influx to the massage industry. As with many careers paths, COVID forced people to review where they were professionally and in California, MT’s moved out of state to places more affordable, many had health issues themselves and didn’t want to work for fear of their own health, and many retired if they were close to retirement age. This has created a deluge in the field, with high demand for massage therapists. And you can fill that void by going to massage school and getting trained right now.

Insurance Companies Are Legitimizing Massage

A lot of insurance companies that didn’t consider massage to be a legitimate health and wellness module before are now legitimizing it and paying out for it. This means that folks can now apply to their insurance company and get remuneration for their massages.

As massage is still considered to be luxurious pampering, Americans who don’t earn high salaries are unable to afford it. That is, they can’t afford it without insurance support.

But as insurance companies start including massage therapy in their medical plans, more people will start getting regular massages. That’s when massage therapists will come out on top.

More Practitioners Are Writing Scripts for Massage 

Here’s some more great news for anyone who wishes to become a massage therapist. Many more medical practitioners have started believing in the effectiveness of massage therapy in healing many ailments. This is especially true for those who have had an injury and need to expedite their recovery using massage.

And you can take advantage of this by joining a massage school, building your massage career, and getting all those clients. It’s such a satisfying career as well because you get to help all those people feel rejuvenated and relaxed after a massage, not to mention all the other health benefits.

Being a massage therapist, you won’t have to choose between doing good in the world, helping others, and making money. It’s the ideal career!

Massage Therapist Training – Don’t Delay, Start Today

Haven’t decided yet what career to pick? Looking for something lucrative that can help you make good money fast?

See above for all the points that prove that a massage career is highly lucrative and the way to go in the future. And a massage school like HHS can help get your career in massage therapy started. When you connect with admissions, be sure to inquire about the health and wellness institutions (spas in Lake Forest and Irvine) and medical practices throughout Laguna Hills and Orange county, that routinely seek out our graduates for career opportunities. Contact HHS today