5 Things to Look For When Choosing a Massage School in California

If you decide to become a massage therapist in California, you’ll definitely be faced with the challenge of how to choose the best massage school for your massage career. Every school says they are the best, but the BEST California massage school for you will depend on your needs: career course requirements, tuition costs and educational benefits. But how can you be sure that you’ll get the right skills and knowledge?


Quality Experiential Education

Does the school ‘think quality’? Or just tries to ‘teach the material’? One of the hardest things to measure is the quality of the massage school. It’s not only about grades, awards and achievements. It’s also about the school’s attitude toward students, students involvement in the process of learning and readiness for professional work, the devotion of teachers, result-orientation, etc. This is why it’s important to visit your future school before you study there.

Education without “shortcuts”

It’s tempting to teach ‘fast track’ or ‘quick/short’ certification courses. High-end therapists in California must have a complete understanding of body and muscle structure, master various techniques through experience. All this takes some time. So, if students want to find a good job, there is no way but to take a proper course.

Reputation….Ratings & Reviews

It takes a lot of time and effort for businesses to prove themselves to the public and win the trust of people. Educating yourself and inquiring about a schools reputation has become easier overtime. The easiest way is to read online reviews. The students who have studied and graduated at the school can speak first-hand about their experience(s). Healing Hands is proud to receive many positive comments and responses from its graduates. You can find reviews from Google reviews, our Facebook page, Yelp and Niche. Students of recognized schools have a higher chance of getting good jobs. Their certificates persuade employers even before meeting and testing because the program is well known for producing individuals with a high level of skill and knowledge. Be sure to ask your admissions rep who they partner with so you can contact them for more feedback about the school(s) you’re considering.

School Accreditation

What does it mean? It’s a confirmation by NACCAS & Department of Education that those schools that apply for accreditation complies with standards and provides high-quality level and standard of education. Once a school, like Healing Hands has met these standards, (this process for schools to be accredited are optional for school owners) we can ensure the proper competence of teachers at a massage school. In other words, you know that you’ll get the right knowledge and skills at this massage school. At Healing Hands we believe that quality always comes first. That’s why we carry dual accreditation.


Experiential Methods of Teaching

Learning must be interesting! Agree? It’s important to find a school where you’ll get a complete understanding of body structure, how muscles work, causes of pain and the ways to reduce it, working with people who have limited range of motion, quality of touch, etc. Professional schools use modern methods of teaching: real-life scenarios, practical tasks, learning in small groups, discussions, etc. It makes studying more interesting and efficient, while students become passionate about what they do.

Active learning methods are approved by students and demonstrated to be effective in the way that they practice and how they progress in learning. HHS’s students are excited about classes and the experiential process of learning. We teach using real-life examples and interactive forms, allowing everyone to express their opinion and strengths. Our educators instruct in how to determine the needs of a client and use a proper technique, how to communicate with people to create trust-based relationships, how to start a business in California, Orange County (OC) ands So-Cal area, etc. But what about practice? Students give massages to each other using gained knowledge and then take their training into our massage clinic for more practical, real-life, training. These methods help our graduates get the most out of studying and become well-rounded specialists.

Whether you’re just starting to explore the massage therapy world here in Southern California or you’ve completed your preliminary research about our school, love our reputation and want to learn more about our programs and methods; contact our admissions team to take the first step towards the career you keep daydreaming about!