Jump Start your Massage Career in Orange County This Summer!

Summer is a great time to start class to become a Professional Massage Therapists before next spring!

Certified Massage Therapist are in high-demand, and Healing Hands can get you there in less than 1 year.

For those who are health or sports enthusiasts, like helping others, or need a living-wage income, consider becoming a Professional Massage Therapists.

Healing Hands’ Career guidance starts day one, helping students understand options, plan for their future, and by providing resources and support during academic challenges.  Our support continues through Graduation and beyond with assistance in resume preparation and the interview process.

From your first Massage Therapy position to the last of your Massage career, Healing Hands will be here to help you succeed.

It is important to choose a school that is accredited.  Accreditation is the approval received from the Accrediting Bureau of Health Schools.  Accreditation means that the school meets the highest standards of education.

Choosing an accredited school means several things.  You may be eligible for federal financial aid.  You may have an advantage in your job search.  Employers know that you have received quality training.

Why Choose Healing Hands?

  • Accredited Massage school offering Federal Financial Aid to help pay your tuition
  • Graduate in as little as 7 Months
  • Unparalleled Job Opportunities by area employers
  • A high-quality education at an affordable price
  • An unrivaled variety of interesting Massage & Holistic Health Classes
  • Flexible Payment Plans and Financial Aid are available to those who qualify
  • Attend school on your terms, choose from day, evening, and weekend schedules
  • Choose from 3 convenient locations (San Diego, Escondido, and Laguna Hills!)
  • All Faculty and Guest Instructors are specialists in their subjects
  • Experts in education of the Holistic Healing Arts for over 30 years and still going strong!
  • A heart-centered approach to education that’s earned a reputation for success

Why Choose a Career as a Professional Massage Therapist?

  • The average salary for a Massage Therapist in Orange County is $61,283 and the top 10% earn $78K or more!
  • A valuable skill, Massage provides immediate relief from pain, stress, injury, and illness
  • Work where you choose – Day Spas, Hospitals, Cruise ships, Resort Spas, Medical Offices, Chiropractic & Wellness Centers, Gyms, Sports Medicine Clinics, Casinos and more!
  • Work when you choose – daytime, evening, weekend, or combined shifts
  • A specialized skill and profession you can take anywhere!
  • A satisfying career while you travel or pursue an advanced education
  • As a Massage Therapist you become an advocate for health and wellness
  • Gain the knowledge and skills to heal injury, optimize your own health & live your best life!

If you’re curious about a career as a Professional Massage Therapist in Orange County, let us know, we can help! Visit us online at www.hhs.edu or, call us at (800) 355-6463.

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