Circulatory Massage

When you enroll in our Massage Therapy Program, there are a few courses that are required in order for you to receive your certification. One of these courses is Circulatory Massage, also known as Swedish massage. The most commonly requested massage at spas, Swedish massage involves moisturizing the skin with massage oil and performing a variety of strokes to increase circulation and smooth muscle knots.

 As a massage therapy student, you can expect to practice this massage quite often:

In the Classroom

Through lecture, group discussion, and supervised hands-on practice this course teaches students how to give a full body Swedish-style massage. Students will learn techniques such as gliding (Effleurage), kneading (Petrissage), and cross-fiber friction (Fanning). The technique you use will depend on the patient’s needs. 

In this class, we bring special focus to the body’s anatomy, and proper body mechanics used by massage therapy professionals. In addition to the techniques taught, students will learn “draping” techniques for assuring their client’s privacy. By the end of this course, the student will be able to deliver a full-body Swedish massage that promotes relaxation, lowers blood pressure, detoxifies the system, relieves pain and facilitates many other health benefits.

 In The Workplace

The Swedish massage is the most requested massage from clients because of the wide variety of healing techniques it offers. Because it is so common, we ensure our students know how to perform this massage modality accurately and with confidence. Once graduated, students can expect to perform this type of massage in spas quite often as it relieves stress from the muscles.

In a spa setting, the massage therapist will be expected to find problems areas in the client body. Being able to identify these issues will help the therapist perform an effective massage that will give the most benefit to the client.

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