Herbal Studies In Massage Therapy

Herbal Health Tools Incorporated Into Massage

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Herbal healing is one of the oldest forms of medicine on the planet. While normal pharmaceuticals will eliminate symptoms right away, herbs heal at the source.

Since ancient times, healing methods such as herbal medicine have been used to help people restore balance to their body, mind, and spirit. While these traditional practices can seem simple or even foreign to some Western practitioners, they are rooted in many of our core beliefs about how illness manifests in our bodies.

Students in our Holistic Health Practitioner Program are trained to recognize the connection between the mind, body, and soul through an array of health tools outside of simply massage therapy.

One course that teaches our students about the connection between herbs and holistic healing is Herbal Studies and Applications. Herbal medicine is the study and use of plants as food and medicine.  This 100-hour online course is an introduction to the foundation of the western energetic model discussing herbal concepts and organ system physiology including Respiratory, Digestive, Urinary, Skin, Immune, Lymphatic, Nervous and Endocrine systems. The class includes production of herbal preparations and ecologically based field work with special focus on native medicinal plants. Students visit a natural preserve where they explore the diverse eco-systems and native plants of Southern California. By the end of this course students will be familiar with many traditional uses for medicinal plants, understand how to work with herbal medicine in a safe and effective manner and will develop their own herbal apothecary (medicine cabinet).

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