Shiatsu Massage – Promoting Healing

Shiatsu Massage Therapy Training


What is Shiatsu Massage & how does it benefit the body?

When it comes to delivering a balanced massage to the body and soul, many people turn to Shiatsu. Shiatsu is a form of massage that originated in Japan and traditional Chinese medicine. It uses a caring touch to aid in self-healing and uses gentle stretching and manipulation techniques. Shiatsu, meaning “finger pressure,” creates pressure with the thumbs, hands, elbows, or knees on various pressure points of the body.

Here are three benefits of shiatsu massage:

  1. Restores and Maintains The Body’s Energy

In Shiatsu, physical touch is used to assess the distribution of “qi” throughout the body and correct any imbalances. Qi, pronounced “chee,” is the harmony of the body. By stimulating the person’s immune system, Shiatsu can treat the body as a whole and help to restore physical functions of the nervous and circulatory systems, musculoskeletal structures, and internal organs. Whether someone has experienced an external or internal trauma – such as an injury or depression/stress – Shiatsu can help ease those pains and bring everything back into balance.

  1. Reduces Problems With Stiffness

From working at a desk all day to performing labor-intensive tasks, our body undergoes various types of stress throughout the day. With a shiatsu massage, your massage therapist will be able to work the tension and spasms out of your muscles by pressing on acupressure points that release tension.

  1. Promotes Healing From Injuries

Since a shiatsu massage focuses heavily on gently rubbing and massaging the skin, it naturally helps stimulate circulation in capillaries of the skin’s soft tissue. This increased blood flow is what aids in healing sprains, strains, and other similar types of injuries. This is due to the increased blood flow bringing oxygen and nutrients to the injured area. The massage also serves to stimulate the sebaceous glands and keeps skin moist and smooth.

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