4 Reasons Why Massage Therapy Is More Than A Luxury

“One of the most common misconceptions about massage therapy is the idea that it is a form of treating yourself. Many people hold off on scheduling a massage or only receive one for a special occasion because their mindset labels it as a “luxury.” While it is true that a massage will make you feel great afterward, there are many underlying health benefits as to why. 

Massage therapy can be a valuable aspect of a well-rounded health regimen. This is why at Healing Hands, we offer a variety of courses to our students that complement their massage practice and help them understand the human body on a deeper level. Students in Laguna Hills, Escondido, and Kearny Mesa are required to study topics such as anatomy in order to understand how they can heal their clients effectively. 

The purpose of spreading our knowledge and experience of massage therapy to past, current, and future therapists is to heal those in need. 

 Here’s why a massage session is more beneficial than just “feeling good”: 

 It Promotes Better Sleep 

With up to 70 million people in the United States suffering from chronic sleep disorders, it is evident that there is a big need for adequate rest. Massage therapy offers a healthy and natural alternative to sleeping pills. When receiving a massage, the body is able to relax, relieve pain, and release serotonin. The release of hormones is a precursor to melatonin, which promotes sleepiness. This combination of mental and physical relief allows the body to disconnect and rejuvenate properly. 

 It Relieves Chronic Pain 

Managing pain is a common reason many clients come in to get a massage. By manipulating soft tissue and stimulating the flow of fluid in the lymphatic system, painful muscles, tendons, and joints are able to soften and feel at ease. Massage therapy can also reduce nerve compression that is caused by contracted muscles. This holistic method of relieving pain can eliminate the use of synthetic drugs. 

 It Counteracts The Effects Of Sitting 

The human body was not naturally designed to be sitting down for long periods of time. Sitting at a desk for 8 hours every single day takes a negative toll (both short and long term) on your body. With postural imbalances, decreased blood flow, and pain being results of long-term sitting, there is a strong need to balance out these strains. Massage therapy targets areas of muscle tension related to sitting to bring movement back into the body and reverse these effects.

 It Improves Your Mood 

Because our health is dependent on the balance between our mind, body, and soul, our emotional state is extremely important for overall wellness. The calming effects of massage therapy reduce stress hormones and boost serotonin levels, improving symptoms of anxiety, depression, and mental strain. When we are in a healthy mental state, we are not impeded by clouded judgment and negative thoughts. 

 The experience of a massage runs much deeper than pampering yourself. It is an effective tool to improve your overall health in a holistic way. 

 As a therapist, you will learn and understand a wide variety of health benefits that massage provides. Receiving a certification in Massage Therapy or Holistic Health at Healing Hands gives students the necessary detailed skills and knowledge that power a successful career. 

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