Holistic Massage School Describes a Day in the Life of a Massage Therapist

What is it like to be a student of massage therapy training? Join us as we take a look at ‘a day in the life‘ of a student at Healing Hands.

“Once you have completed our 600 Hour Massage Therapist Program, you’ll will be well prepared to pass the MBLEX Exam and meet State Licensure requirements by the CAMTC” said Harmony Curtiss, Director for Healing Hands School of Holistic Health – Laguna Hills.  “Once you’re CAMTC Certification you are free to pursue a wide-variety of exciting career opportunities as an entry-level Professional Massage Therapist.  Should you elect to enroll in HH’s 1000 -hour Holistic Health Practitioner Program, you will have all fundamental skills plus an understanding of complementary and advanced modalities and techniques that can take your massage practice to the next level”, she added. 

During a day in the life of a Massage Therapist (MT), you’ll be meeting and greeting a variety of clients, discussing symptoms, life-style (exercise, type of work, nutrition, etc.), medical history and goals for treatment.  A good MT will strive to establish trust and invite their client to provide feedback so they are truly partners in the healing process.  As a MT, your job will include: locating painful and tense areas of the body, using kneading and different strokes and techniques to manipulate and ease taught muscles, trigger points, adhesions (scar tissue), muscle soreness and injuries. 

Another big component of the job is creating a safe space for healing and holding the intention to promote optimal health, regardless of your client’s current age or condition.   In addition to soothing muscles, a MT can be extremely effective in promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and facilitating emotional wellness. As clients become more confident in the MT’s ability to facilitate physical and emotional improvement through massage, they are open to additional guidance and tips for living a more holistically balanced life.  As a Holistic Health Practitioner, you can educate clients about effective holistic health practices such as: proper posture, stretching techniques, muscle strengthening, breath-work, meditation, holistic nutrition, herbal remedies and more! 

Physically, MT’s need to be healthy, strong and well-trained in body-mechanics to ensure you don’t injure yourself when working on multiple clients throughout the day.  MTs use hands, fingers, forearms and elbows to manipulate the muscles and soft tissues of their clients’ bodies. The best MT’s are adept in more than one style of massage, mastering a variety of different techniques to integrate into a customized massage for each client.  Most massage clinics, however, will require the Practitioner to perform at least 3 of the most requested massage modalities, such as Swedish (Circulatory), Deep-tissue, and Sports.

According to the U.S. Dept. of Labor, employment of Massage Therapists is expected to grow by 22 percent thru 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations.  HH’s goal is to help you graduate with the confidence and qualifications to begin a rewarding career in as little as one year. Our focus is on your success! Are you ready to become a Massage Therapist?

Serving residents through three regional campuses, HH is considered a trail-blazer for Holistic Health Education in Southern California.  To date, HH has prepared more than 7,500 students for rewarding careers in Massage Therapy and can do the same for you! To find out more about our 50+ massage and holistic health classes, visit us at https://hhs.edu/  or call us at 800.355.6463  Our Schedule is now available for registration!