Summer Essential Oils

As holistic healers, our community is continuously finding ways to naturally support our mind, body, and soul. A very common tool that many students use their massage practice and in their personal lives as well, is essential oils. Along with being incredibly versatile, essential oils are easy to use and provide potent, natural substances that improve our health in many forms. From sleep and stress to skin and hair care, essential oils positively impact almost every aspect of our well-being.

We offer multiple courses in Escondido, Laguna Hills, and Kearny Mesa that involve creating herbal preparations for healing. Students love incorporating herbal healing into their practice as it enhances their ability to provide the best service for their clients. 

 There are different essential oils that are beneficial for each season of the year. 

 Here are some essential oils you can incorporate into your summer: 

 Lavender Lavender is commonly used because it is known as being the “all-purpose” oil. Serving as an antibacterial, lavender oil helps heal wounds, burns, and other skin irritations. This oil is great to apply to bandages to speed up the healing process. Lavender is also used as an anti-anxiety sleep aid, muscle relaxant, and pain reliever. Our students love using this oil on clients as it promotes deep relaxation and relief from stress. 

 Peppermint In the hot months of the summer, most of us are trying to find ways to cool down. Peppermint oil is a useful tool to instantly avoid the heat- just apply a few drops to the back of your neck. This time of year also involves many more outdoor activities. Bring this oil on your next camping trip to repel bugs and ease itching skin. If you have seasonal allergies, peppermint oil can also be used to help open your sinuses and have a better quality sleep. 

 Rosemary The sweaty heat of the summer also means many more germs. Rosemary oil effectively prevents germs from spreading and kills them by stimulating internal antioxidant activity in the body. Add a few drops of rosemary essential oil in your bath water or applying it topically by mixing it with a base oil. The antiseptic properties will get rid of germs and have an uplifting effect on your mind.

 These natural remedies can provide relief in all aspects of your life. Using herbal remedies within our massage therapy practices allows us to give our clients full restoration and healing.