Are Online Massage Schools a Better Way to Go?

Stuck at Home? Start a New Massage Therapy Career!

In an uncertain world, you can still take steps toward your future no matter where you are! Start your massage career online and get a head start on a new career from the comfort and safety of your own home!

Healing Hands knows that students want the best education they can get. That’s why Healing Hands is now offering distance learning for our massage and holistic health courses. 

  What are the benefits of Healing Hand Massage and Holistic Health Courses?

  • Start any time. New classes start regularly, so there’s no need to wait!
  • Accessibility: All you need is an internet connection and you’re ready to start your training!
  • Variety: You can learn techniques in many areas, including Sports Massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi, Holistic Nutrition, Herbal Healing & Massage
  • Financial Aid or Financial Assistance: Online students qualify for all kinds of scholarships, grants, and loans. More financial resources may be available during this time.
  • Program support: Online students benefit from the same support as on-campus students, including help with financial aid to questions about technique.

 Our modern style education appeals to all styles of learning. Healing Hands knows that there are no limits to what you can do, and is now providing temporary online massage and holistic healing programs* to help you achieve your goals no matter where you are! If you’re looking for a school that is best for your style of learning, Book your virtual tour with our admissions counselors to put your future into motion.



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  • Explain the distance learning please. I have taken five 100 hr. Classes there many years ago

    • Hello Pamela,
      Distance learning courses are lecture based, or courses that do not involve hands-on training. This courses are done online at set times, just like a regular course. If you are interested to see our list of courses coming up, go to our Course Schedule page

  • Hi there, I am very interested in getting started virtually and was hoping/wondering if there’s going to be a a virtual summer session. Thanks!

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