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Hello! In this blog you will find:

  • Additional classes added as webinars
  • Information about office hour changes
  • Make-up information for Federal Student Aid recipients
  • Snap-shot of the future
  • Youtube information for Tai Chi
  • Supportive Facebook group
  • Positive notes and video from Directors

We did it! Webinars are a go and students are successfully moving forward with their education in webinar format.  Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we got the courses off the ground.

Information for you, our lovely students:

  • Additional Webinar courses:
  1. Anatomy for Bodyworkers: April 18 – June 25, Saturdays 10 – 4, Thursdays 6p – 10p will be in webinar format. This way anyone from any campus can take the course no matter what campus you enroll from
  2. Traditional Chinese Medicine Application Theory April 15th, 17th, 22nd & 24th, Wednesdays & Fridays 10a – 3p

Enhance your comprehension of the body by Learning Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM’s) Five Elements & Meridians with corresponding Acupressure Points on areas of the body where Qi flows. Learn the Front Mu, Back Shu & Five Shu  and  how to transforms associated dysfunctions to a more balanced state.  Learn to better understand basic areas on the Front, Back & Distal areas of the human body using expressed symptoms, observation & a chart or grids to assess and choose appropriate acupressure points.

3. Traditional Chinese Medicine Assessment System 4/29 – 5/8, Wednesdays & Fridays 10a – 3p

Learn to develop a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach using basic systems of assessment and organ/ Meridian associations, as related to the Five Elements theory’s characteristics of the Tongue; involving Taste, Size, Texture, Coating and Color while deepening your understanding of TCM’s vital substances (qi, blood and body fluids).

Please register as soon as possible.

  • Office hours:

Escondido is holding regular office hours Monday – Friday 9a – 5:30

Kearny Mesa is holding regular office hours Monday – Friday 9:30a – 6p

Laguna Hills office is very short staffed and is limiting office hours: Monday – Friday 10a – 3p.  These hours may vary. Harmony, in Laguna Hills will do her best to get back to you.

Please contact Escondido if you have webinar issues: or call/text them at 760-746-9364

  • Make-ups for FSA students:

If you are a Federal Student Aid student and you need to do make-up hours you may contact the school to see what will qualify to be done online. We will only allow the 10-15% difference between FSA students and non-FSA students to be made up online. Please call the office or email us if you think this may be for you!

  • When we are going back to in-person courses?

The earliest is the second week of May. However the real answer is, when it’s safe. From what we can determine, the next 2 weeks will be pivotal to determine how widespread COVID19 is in California. We are hoping to have a more specific timeline by April 15th, but we, like you, are waiting to see what happens.

When we are able to back in session, our intention will be to finish out the courses that were disrupted in the winter quarter first, then move into spring courses.

This is a place where graduates, students, and friends can share uplifting messages, positive Healing content, and connect with each other. Some people have used it for advice, others for information, or others for a good laugh.

  • Uplifting things:
    1. Note from Director Neha Curtiss:

We, as Healers are naturally attracted towards serving and helping others. As massage therapists we are empowered to use the physical body as our central matrix to enable our clients to discover where there is a need to open up to the vast healing energies that surround them. What to do when this matrix is no longer available to us? When a hug is dangerous? When the best thing one can do for another is to physically not engage?

And so we have a new challenge and thus a new opportunity. Time… to look within…to rediscover our connection to Nature ….to educate ourselves…to heal ..

May we take on this challenge, as individuals and as a community, with the same strength and dedication that we once reserved for our clients. So that we may reap the benefits of this opportunity and absorb the blessings bestowed upon us.

Healing prayers for those who are suffering…

Feeling honored and blessed to be among this Healing Hands community…..Neha

  1. A silly uplifting video from Director Paula Curtiss, bringing a smile to all of our faces:

We hope you are all doing well and staying safe.

In Peace and Love,

All of us at Healing Hands

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