Live Webinars starting March 23rd!

At Healing Hands School we pride ourselves in offering a hands-on education that mixes lectures with hands on massage to provide the most comprehensive and well-rounded approach to massage and body-work.  Our graduates are highly sought in this industry and we are proud to be the guides.

That being said, we have made the decision to cease hands on classes while the covid-19 crisis works its way through.

Beginning immediately, Healing Hands lecture classes will be given as Live webinars.

If you have not taken Anatomy or Professional Practices, the school is highly recommending that you sign up for one or both of these courses.

We will be offering the following online webinars:

Anatomy for Bodyworkers will begin on Monday, March 23rd – May 1st.   Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 – 3p.
Professional Practices Saturdays 10a – 4p & Thursdays 6p – 10p April 4 – May 7th
Professional Practices Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:30a – 3p March 31 – April 28th

Holistic Nutrition Tuesday & Thursdays 10a – 3p starting March 24 – April 30, [Instructor Shana] – 60 hour course

Herbal Healing & Massage Wednesdays & Fridays 10a – 3p starting March 25 – April 10th [Instructor Shana] – 30 hour course


1)    You do need to register for these courses, please email the school to register.

2)    Holistic Nutrition in Laguna Hills in June has been cancelled, since we are offering it over webinar instead.  Please register for the new course.

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