Non-Profit Services – Build Your Future!

Creating Better, Brighter Futures for Massage

Therapists & Holistic Health Practitioners

We help our community find the resources they need to succeed!  At Healing Hands School we are proud of the various resources that our students have used to build their future.  All of the following resources have been used by Healing Hands students toward the creation of a better and brighter future, and we are always happy to help a student with a resource that works for them.
Let’s take a look at some of these resources:

Local, Non-Profit Social Service Organizations aimed at helping people build a better life for themselves.

Graduate of the Holistic Health Practitioner program
  • California Chafee Grant for Foster Youth:  To qualify the applicants must have been a California foster youth or ward of the court between the ages of 16 – 18 and have financial need.  The grant is for $5,000 per year while enrolled at a trade school or college.  Since this is a grant, the recipient does not have to pay this money back. The recipient of this grant can use it for tuition, rent, or transportation while in school.  Healing Hands School is an eligible technical school where this grant maybe used.
  • Build Futures: Orange County based, this group helps young adults 18 – 25 years old with assistance for housing, phones, bus passes, and related resources with the goal of self-sufficiency for the young adult.  Build Futures may also provide immediate, essential services to help abandoned youth return to society. Their job training and housing programs have a 73% success rate for keeping youth off the streets.  If you know someone in need, send them to Build Futures today!
  • The Teen Project: Los Angeles based, with reach into Orange County, their focus is sobriety, education and housing.  Their goal is to provide teens and young adults who are aging out of the foster care system, or who are at risk, with all of the resources and support of an intact family to allow the greatest opportunity for a successful transition to adulthood. The Teen Project transitional housing is provided for free to their youth clients.  They work with Build Futures.
  • Interfaith Community Services: San Diego based non-profit social service focus’s on housing for veterans, homeless, unemployed or underemployed, families, youth and seniors. Also provides a variety of life-building services including services for: clinical & behavioral health, recovery & wellness, employment & economic development.  The clusters of resources are designed to overlap to that each person has access to all the resources they need for their situation.

Government Social Services:

  • Welfare-to-Work: Program participants may be eligible for help with child care, transportation, and work-related or training-related expenses. Participants who find a job and are no longer eligible for welfare may continue to receive help with medical care and child care expenses.  If you qualify, Welfare-to-Work can help pay for school materials and supplies, but not tuition. This program is available to single-parent households or low-income households.
  • CalWorks Child Care Program: The purpose of this program is to help a family transition smoothly from the immediate, short-term child care needed as the parent starts work to the stable, long-term child care necessary for the family to live and remain off aid.

These services exist to help people get on their feet and moving forward with a productive life.  What Healing Hands School does, is to give people a fulfilling career.  Our hope, is that someone may use these services to help them build, and we give them the passion towards a long and fulfilling life in massage and holistic health.