2020 Spring Newsletter

Hello Healers,

Island wisdom

400 years ago, poet and priest John Donne extolled the virtue and value of human community. In 1624, he wrote: ‘”No man is an island, entire of itself, every man is a piece of the continent, part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, [sic] any man’s hardship diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind.”

The Healing Hands School mission is to instruct the skills to use our hands to reduce pain and hardship; thus, as healers, our hands become the vehicle for our ‘involvement with mankind’. Healing Hands students learn how the body works by studying anatomy and physiology. We learn and experience traditional healing techniques from a myriad of cultures. Our instructors are each masters at their healing art, imparting their years of experience and expertise.

Instructors of Healing Hands

Along with our comprehensive 600 hour Massage Therapy program, the Spring 2020 Holistic Health Practitioner elective courses include world renown Zen Shiatsu master, Seymour Koblin, instructing Zen Touch; and loved Healing Hands instructor, Denise Fultz instructing Lymphatic Drainage Massage. Jennifer Peterson brings Aromatherapy, Dave Garza instructs Pre-Natal Massage, Keoni Saldago instructs Dynamic Cupping and Shana Lipner Grover instructs Herbal Healing & Massage to our Kearny Mesa classroom. In Escondido, Robert North instructs Neuromuscular Therapy and Faun Parliman instructs us the subtle sublime art of internal energy in Reiki and Meditation & Healing.  Claudia Baben instructs an active Thai Massage course and Jennifer Peterson instructs Ayurvedic Healing in Laguna Hills.

On Easter weekend we get to go camping on the Holistic Living Retreat!  We renew our healing by retreating to the earth’s bounty, sleeping under stars and trees, playing in the creek, exploring healing workshops, living together in community, sheltered in a secret canyon of wonder.

Congratulations Graduates!

Our most recent Holistic Health Practitioner graduates Audrey Jean Burns, Ronald De Villa, Jacquelyn Marie Hernandez, Kraig Huff, Jhonny Navarro, Jacqueline Zenona, Marian Spencer, Lian L. Tan, and Thomas Tso exemplify healers who involve themselves with humankind. Congratulations on your graduation! It’s been great to work together. We can’t wait to hear of your new healing adventures!


Peace and Love this Fine Spring,

Paula and Neha

And All of Us at Healing Hands School


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