Holistic Massage School Announces Intuitive Body Reading with Seymour Koblin

Paula Curtiss Chief Financial Officer and Co- Director Staff Instructor Massage Therapist Program & Holistic Health Practitioner Program
Paula Curtiss, Founding Director for Healing Hands School of Holistic Health

“Seymour Koblin is a world renown healer and the pioneer of Zen Shiatsu”, said Paula Curtiss, Founding Director for Healing Hands School of Holistic Health. “Possessing an incomparable insight into how the body holds and displays the sum total of our life experience, Seymour will be teaching a powerful elective course this Fall called: “Intuitive Body Reading.  Since Seymour will be traveling far from his home in the Czech Republic to share his insight and mastery, interested students need to MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The Registration deadline is October 21st for the next Intuitive Body Reading course which begins on Monday, November 4th at 9am and continues through November 18th at the Kearny Mesa classroom”, she added.

Seymour Koblin demonstrates techniques for Intuitive Body Reading for student / Massage Therapists.

Seymour Koblin is an AOBTA Certified Instructor and Diplomate in Oriental Bodywork.  He successfully passed a certification exam that required he demonstrate a high-level of knowledge in the field of Asian Bodywork Therapy. A multi-talented Practitioner and innovative Instructor, Seymour founded the School of Healing Arts in San Diego in 1989. There he dedicated himself to introducing large and small groups of health enthusiasts to the world of Holistic Health.

In addition to training in Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu, Seymour developed a very wide and versatile curriculum in the Holistic Healing Arts.  Having earned the distinction of being a leading Practitioner and Instructor in Eastern Philosophy and Bodywork, Seymour authored several books to expand upon lessons taught in the classroom. These include:   The Art of Zen-Touchwhich is considered required reading for Healing Hands 100-hour Shiatsu class and made available at each of Healing Hands’ three bookstores.  Additional books authored by Seymour include:  Shaping Our DestinyChi Cultivation and Circulation and Food for Life.

Though Seymour sold his school a few years ago, much of his curriculum is still actively taught through continuing education and mentorship training. Seymour currently dedicates his time to teaching at all three locations for Healing Hands  in Southern California, and at other international schools and centers around the world.

In Seymour’s Intuitive Body Reading course, students are taught body reading skills based on Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Yin/Yang and 5 element models.  Areas of focus include how to ‘read’ the face, back, hara (abdomen), hands, body structure, birth dates, mannerisms and attitudes.  Seymour demonstrates how skills taught in this course can be applied to understanding and deepening vitality and resilience in our physical and emotional health as well as with relationships, and our life’s path.

The variety of body reading ‘maps’ presented in Intuitive Body Reading help guide the recipient in taking the necessary steps to fulfill their greatest potential.  Physical – (food and Chi breathing exercises), Emotional – (using feelings for healing) and Spiritual – (subconscious healing) methods are all integrated in this course.  Intuitive applications are developed as the instructor guides students to ‘read’ people with the help of these ‘maps’ and assist them in full filling their dreams and life purpose. Learn more about Intuitive Body Reading or any of the other 80+ message therapy course schedule offered, click here.


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