Holistic Massage School Explores Six Areas of Wellness – (Part 5 of 6) Today’s Focus….Emotional Wellness

Another important component to one’s holistic (whole) health, is Emotional Wellness. Achieving emotional wellness requires that we are self-aware and accepting of our feelings.  Emotional wellness looks at how we interpret our emotions and our ability to feel and express human emotions such as love, joy, frustration, grief, sadness and anger. It means having the ability to love and feel loved by others.  Emotional wellness encompasses optimism, self-esteem, self-acceptance and the ability to share feelings.

Tips for optimal emotional wellness:

    • Take time daily to tune-in to your thoughts and feelings
    • Strive to cultivate an optimistic attitude by recognizing the good in your life
    • Cultivate friends with whom you can explore emotions in a safe, supportive environment.
    • Learn time management skills to optimize your ‘free-time’ for self-care
    • Practice stress management techniques such as Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, or taking a walk in nature.
    • Accept and forgive yourself for your past transgressions
    • Get regular physical exercise to boost good feeling hormones like Endorphins and Serotonin.
    • Receive a therapeutic Massage regularly as it will help boost your mood and sense of wellbeing.

Developing an effective Emotional Wellness Program is a demonstration of self-love that nurtures one’s emotional state, while increasing self-acceptance, self-confidence, energy and mood.  Emotional wellness is a prerequisite to pursuing our life’s purpose and achieving our goals.

Questions to help you explore your personal ‘Emotional Wellness’ may include:

  • Do I take responsibility for my mental health by monitoring my anxiety and stress levels, and seeking emotional support when needed?
  • Am I in control of my emotions, or do they arise unexpectedly and overwhelm me with their intensity?
  • Do I accept that my emotions are subjective, transient and not necessarily a reflection of objective reality?
  • Do I understand the effects of negative self-talk on my moods?
  • Can I share my emotions with trusted friends or family?
  • Can I recognize and interrupt negative self-talk with a more positive re-framing of the situation?
  • Am I emotionally resilient; able to process my emotions in a healthy manner and move forward after upsets?
  • Do I strive to keep a positive attitude and find the good in others and in my experiences?
  • Am I proactive and optimistic about my life and ability to reach my personal goals?
  • Can I set boundaries and say ‘no’ when I need to without feeling guilty about disappointing others?
  • Do I practice relaxation strategies like Yoga, TaiChi, Meditation, and Mindfulness Practices to reduce stress and revitalize my mind and emotions?

Emotional wellness is a key ingredient for confidence in our ability to enjoy life and make a meaningful contribution to society.   By taking the above inventory of your Emotional Wellness, you can identify areas that need improvement, and take action to make those changes happen.  Consider keeping track of your emotional ups and downs in a wellness journal. It will allow you to track your emotional progress,.

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