Holistic Massage School Shares Holistic Practices to Nurture Your Personal Potential

Know It’s OK to Make Mistakes!

During the process of reaching your personal potential chances are you’re going to experience disappointment, failure or even embarrassment along the way. Give yourself permission to try anyway!  Once you can accept that ‘losing’ or being ‘embarrassed’ won’t kill you, you’ll be better equipped to deal with the challenges and take risks. Then, if or when you fail, you’ll use it as an opportunity to demonstrate self-compassion…and get right back up!

Keep Learning!

Exploring a variety of interests, both on-line and in books, can help to exercise your brain, quicken neuro-processing, and inspire creativity. Pursuing individual topics of interest through adult classes, conferences, retreats, books, educational Podcasts, Blogs and Videos, is a great way to better yourself at any age. Continuing education helps to keep your mind sharp, expands your vocabulary, sparks your imagination, and may drive your desire to learn even more.

Highly successful individuals share the common trait of making it a point to continually expand their knowledge and skills.  They embrace the opportunity to hear differing points of view and approaches to life.  They maintain a child-like curiosity and take time daily for self-development by making time to learn something new.


Step Outside your Comfort Zone!

While creating a comfort zone for ourselves is a healthy, natural tendency, stepping out of our that zone on occasion is also healthy.  This is especially true during times of great growth and transition. If one remains in a safe little cocoon all their life, they’ll miss out on life.  Imagine foregoing the joy of establishing new friendships, or the growth that comes from lessons learned through new experiences.  Just as importantly, confidence isn’t something we’re born with. Confidence and personal growth is a result of moving beyond your comfort zone to meet new challenges.


Practice the Power of Positivity!

Nothing is more important than your ability to be a positive with your self-talk and when relating to others. The more you practice positivity, the more empowered you will feel.  You will more easily learn from and move beyond mistakes.  Practicing positivity can boost your confidence that while you’re not perfect, you’re moving in the right direction.

Self-confidence and a positive outlook go a long way toward reducing anxiety and calming nerves.   Positivity in word, thought and deed also boosts self-confidence and enhances one’s sense of happiness.

While it is important to call yourself out on negative behavior or performance, learning from your mistakes and returning your focus to what’s good in your life should be the goal. In fact, if you practice positivity in your words, attitude and all aspects of your life, you can be sure you will begin experiencing dramatic improvements.

Take Time for Creative Self Expression!

Get in touch with your creative side and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!  Developing critical thinking can enhance your life in exciting ways. Try putting aside an hour a day to really embrace creative self-expression. Don’t limit yourself to ‘productive’ projects, but rather embrace the joy of doing something simply for the pleasure of the experience.  Singing, reciting poetry, writing, drawing, painting, playing an instrument, building and crafting are all activities that are fun, raise your vibration and release happy neuro-chemicals in your brain.


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