Holistic Massage School Shares Strategies For Self-Care

Holistic Massage School Shares Strategies For Self-Care

“As human beings, we each have our own path in life, and each at very different places along our journey”, said Harmony.  “While no two individuals are exactly alike, we all experience an inter-connectedness between our physical, mental and spiritual health.  Holistic (whole) self-care encompasses much more than just attending to our personal hygiene and diet.  Below are ‘Strategies for Self-Care’ that anyone can practice, to naturally enhance holistic health”, she added.

Focus on Self-Development!

Carve out time in your schedule to give to yourself!.  Work on Self-Development activities: taking a new class, receiving a therapeutic massage,  listening to TedX or other educational videos and podcasts.  You might also give yourself time for introspection, invest in learning a new language or taking a cooking or painting class.  By exploring your interests and pursuing your passions, you will open yourself to meeting all kinds of new people.  New encounters and experiences give us a better probability of connecting with like-minded individuals and building a supportive community.

Eat Healthy Foods!

Did you know that in addition to serving as fuel for our bodies, food affects our mood, energy level and ability to focus?  Don’t worry, you don’t have to starve yourself or give up your favorite foods to achieve nutritional health.  But it does require you commit to making healthier food choices every day.  Here are a few tips: eat several small, balanced meals throughout the day to avoid cravings; pay attention to food labels, avoid high fructose syrups (sugar) and stay clear of packaged food products that use tons of preservatives.  Be mindful of individual nutrition challenges and adjust eating habits accordingly.

Move Your Body!

A no-brainer, essential for holistic health, exercise is a healthy endeavor available to anyone at almost any time!  Taking a few minutes daily to warm up your muscles, stretch and engage in moderate physical activity is one of the fastest ways to improve your overall health.   Just 30 minutes of brisk walking daily can substantially reduce your risk for a variety of cardio-vascular diseases.  Plus, it can reduce pain and boost your mood as exercise releases endorphins, the body’s natural “feel good” hormones.

Quiet Your Inner Critic:

Self-development is a life-long process as is understanding and managing our emotions   Emotional maturity comes as we learn to respond to life’s ups and downs rather than react in fear or anger. These skills are not easily mastered, so we need to learn to “quiet our inner critic’.  When we make missteps instead of punishing ourselves with negative self-talk which floods our system with stress hormones, we can change our inner dialogue to one of encouragement and support. As a human, mistakes are inevitable.  Focus on appreciating yourself for facing difficult challenges with courage and building confidence in the process.

Reconnect to Nature:

Fresh air, the scent of flowers, and the feel of the ground beneath your feet can be healing to your entire being, naturally.  As nature lovers and retreat goers have known for ions, spending time in nature, without the distractions of modern technology can be extremely relaxing and transforming.  Enjoy a bike-ride around the neighborhood; take a hike along a nature trail; attend to your yard or garden; or spend an afternoon at the beach.  All these ways of connecting to nature can both relax your mind and renew your Spirit.

Escape Your Comfort Zone:

Confidence isn’t something we’re born with.  It is a skill we develop as we challenge ourselves to move beyond our previously conceived notions about what we can learn, do and accomplish.  There are a variety of ways to elevate or gain confidence, including: taking new classes, learning a new skill, visiting a new destination; asking someone new on a date, trying out a new sport, learning a new language.

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