Escondido Massage School Announces Upcoming MyoFascial Release Course


Attention Massage Therapy and Sports Enthusiasts!

Ready to move beyond the basics of Circulatory or Swedish massage?  Looking to explore more effective ways to facilitate lasting change for your clients? Interested in integrating proven assessment and treatment protocols into your Massage Therapy Practice?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, check out the Myo-Fascial Release course offered at Healing Hands School of Holistic Health – Escondido this Summer!

  • “Myofascia” or sometimes just “fascia,” is a connective tissue that creates the unique scaffolding and architecture of the living organism. This architecture connects all cells in the body together and helps maintain the dynamic integrity of movement outside the body, and inside: linking muscles to bones, stabilizing joints, creating elasticity in our skin, holding our organs, nerves and vasculature in their place and so much more. The fascia is the stuff through which our cells interact and communicate, and it also responds to the daily demands of movement, expression, regulation, strain, tension and injury. From a myofascial release standpoint, just because your neck hurts doesn’t mean the problem is there!

    In this class, students not only explore the incredible interconnected nature of this tissue through discussions, activities, and bodywork; they will learn to observe how the body creates, supports and distributes loads in movement and posture along predictable lines, or “meridians.” These Myofascial Meridians provide the practitioner with a map for understanding the balance of tensions/forces that support human structure and mobility and serve as windows for seeing and exploring the many strain and movement/compensation patterns created by daily habits, culture, injuries, traumas and pain.

    By seeing the connections in the body using the Myofascial Meridians as our lens, students develop a vocabulary for assessing and assisting in the recovery of a more balanced structure. In this way, we play a critical part in creating a physical foundation needed for the body to do what it knows best: Heal.

    Goals of Myofascial Release

    One of the main goals of myofascial release is to create a balance of myofascial-tension around the skeleton, for optimal alignment and support. To do so, we use attention and intent in order to create length and resiliency in the body by stretching, calling for movement, traction and through a variety of manipulations.

    Myofascial release can often have distant effects. By utilizing palpatory assessment to gather information about the nature of the affected area, the practitioner can better understand the connections/compensations involved in the underlying postural patterns. With close attention and proper body mechanics, the practitioner can use the meridians as guides to find local and distant restricted areas at the root of many issues.

    Who can benefit?

    Anyone can benefit from this type of massage! The physical impacts and habits of modern life – especially the incessant sitting, driving, diet, habitual stress, and gradual outsourcing of movement – has created a major dilemma in which chronic disease is on the rise. Chronic pain in particular has become an increasing concern within the medical community and myofascial release is especially effective for working with pain. By freeing up restrictions and creating better alignment, not only does the body work better mechanically – improving movement, blood flow, respiration, etc.—many people express changes in their attitudes, perspectives, and abilities. Try it for yourself!

When Does the Next Class Start?

Students interested in Healing Hands Myo-Facial Release must register by August 17th.   The 100-hour course will be offered at the Laguna Hills classroom– located at 23022 La Cadena.  It will be held on Saturdays from 10am to 5pm and on Monday evenings from 6pm to 10pm begin on August 31st and running through October 28th.

Healing Hands been serving residents throughout SoCal for over 27 years.  Having successfully prepared more than 7,500 Graduates for rewarding careers in Massage Therapy, we’re eager to do the same for YOU!  To learn more about Myo-fascial Release, or any of the other 80+ classes offered at Healing Hands, please visit us at or call us at (949) 305-2722 / Laguna Hills, (760) 746-9364 / Escondido, or (858)0505-1100 / Kearny Mesa.


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