Holistic Massage School Explores Six Areas of Wellness – (Part 4 of 6) Today’s Focus….Physical Wellness

Another important component to one’s holistic (whole) health, is Physical Wellness. Achieving physical wellness requires we demonstrate the personal discipline to make good choices. A Physical Wellness Program may include aerobic exercise, strength training, therapeutic stretching, a healthy diet, massage,  body-work, and other strategies to increase physical and emotional resilience.

Developing an effective holistic program not only optimizes health and endurance, it offers the benefits of increased self-confidence, energy and mood.  Physical wellness is a prerequisite to our ability to pursue our life’s purpose, explore our passions and achieve our goals.

Questions to help you explore your personal ‘Physical Wellness’ may include:

  • Do I take responsibility for my health by monitoring physical symptoms that may be warning signs of imbalance or disease?
  • Do I practice personal self-care, remaining conscientious about daily hygiene, and initiating appointments for dental, vision, medical and reproductive care as needed?
  • Am I proactive about scheduling regular medical checkups and do I follow through on the medical advice I receive?
  • Do I engage in regular exercise that helps me reduce stress, build flexibility, enhance coordination, increase strength and boost physical endurance?
  • Am I open to exploring new forms of exercise and to making changes to avoid experiencing exercise burn-out?
  • Do I consume nutritious, whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and lean protein that reduce risk factors for disease?
  • Do I avoid highly processed foods and those with chemical additives or sugar and salt levels that fuel inflammation and disease in the body?
  • Do I recognize the rehabilitative benefits of sleep? Do I maintain a regular sleep schedule that ensures I receive seven hours of sleep nightly?
  • Do I avoid the use of tobacco, alcohol and other addictive substances that can adversely affect my physical health and neurochemistry?
  • Do I practice relaxation strategies like Yoga, TaiChi, Meditation, and Mindfulness Practices to reduce stress and revitalize my mind and body?

Physical wellness is a key ingredient for high self-esteem and confidence in our ability to make a meaningful contribution to society.   By taking the above inventory of your Physical Wellness, you can identify areas you want to improve, and take steps to make those changes happen.  Consider keeping track of your progress in a wellness journal. It will allow you to track your progress or change your exercise program as needed.

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