Superfoods and Dietary Practices

In order to provide our students with a well-rounded experience with our community of healers, it is important to provide resources that help balance their mind, body, and soul outside of massage therapy work. One of the ways in which we promote health for our bodies is through food.

Living a holistic lifestyle means that food is medicine. What you fuel your body with effects all functions of your being. The term “superfood” is used to describe nutrient-rich foods that are extremely beneficial for our health.

At Healing Hands, we offer courses in Laguna Hills, Escondido, and Kearny Mesa that educate our students on how to prepare superfoods and explore how these foods fight disease and promote wellness.


Understanding Superfoods

A healthy diet is one that provides nourishment and energy in the form of vitamins and minerals from whole foods. Focusing on filling your plate with vibrant food with colorful nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are much more important than decreasing the number of calories, carbs, or fat that you consume. If we solely focus on consumed calories, we ignore the importance of the nutrients needed at a cellular level to grow, move, and mend. Superfoods have been grown and nourished from the Earth to provide us with everything we need to thrive as healthy human beings.

Superfoods provide an abundant amount of health benefits such as:

  • Preventing or reducing inflammation
  • Helping regulate metabolism
  • Burn body fat
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Helping protect against heart disease and cancer


Understanding Dietary Practices

With wellness always a hot trend, there are countless dietary practices available to implement into your lifestyle. In this course, our students learn by listening to what foods make us feel good, learning how different foods affect our energy levels, and learning to nourish our bodies as the vessels that carry us through our lives. We study and compile these dietary practices to find out what is right for you. We believe that our diet is a tool, not a punishment.

These diets can be based on:

  • Cultural backgrounds
  • Season
  • Location
  • Ethical treatment of animals
  • Nutritional components
  • Environmental concerns
  • Weight loss
  • Cleansing and ultimate health


As a student in our Holistic Health Practitioner Program, you are able to take this elective course to further enhance your career as a healer. Students gain valuable knowledge they can use to facilitate optimal health for themselves, their families, and clients.

For our summer session, we are offering a course in Superfoods and Dietary Practices in Escondido starting August 7th. Get more information here.

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