The Lymphatic System And Massage Therapy

In order to provide our clients with the best healing experience, it is important for us as massage therapists to understand the healing functions of the human body. Many of our holistic practices that we implement into our massage modalities are forms of aiding the defense systems our bodies already provide us.


Within each of us is a silent healing partner: the lymphatic system. Working closely with our immune system, the lymphatic system provides our bodies with a way to get rid of toxins to keep us healthy and vibrant.  


At Healing Hands, students in Laguna Hills, Escondido, and Kearny Mesa have the opportunity to learn this western modality to enhance their practice. It gives us a deeper understanding of how the human body naturally works to ensure our systems are functioning properly.


Learn why understanding the lymphatic system benefits massage therapists:


What is The Lymphatic System?

Your lymphatic system is a network of vessels and organs that are responsible for absorbing, transporting, and filtering out your body’s waste. Our bodies rely on this system to have a toxin-free bloodstream. Without the lymphatic system working correctly, our bodies would swell up with stagnant, toxic fluid. It plays such an important role that many of our aches and pains, low energy, or susceptibility to colds and cases of flu could be due to its dysfunction.


How Massage Therapy Can Benefit

One of the most popular reflexology techniques practiced today is Lymph Drainage. This form of massage therapy aids the lymphatic system by fostering the drainage of lymph fluid. With specific pressure and movement implemented, massage therapists can invigorate the flow of this fluid. While our hearts pump blood through our vessels, this system relies on the movement of muscles in order to transport fluid within our lymph vessels. However, it doesn’t have a central pump like the heart does to move the fluid. This type of massage is aimed at getting the body’s functions to work in harmony by maximizing the lymphatic system’s effectiveness.


Learning The Lymphatic System At Healing Hands

One of the courses we offer our students within both programs is Lymph Drainage. In this class, students learn about the anatomy of the lymphatic system, contraindications for lymphatic massage, and specific techniques that aid in draining lymph fluid from the legs, arms, torso, and face. We believe that this form of massage is so beneficial for each massage therapist or holistic health practitioner to understand and utilize, as it significantly increases the client’s overall immune functions and ultimately, their health, and well-being.


When we understand our bodies and their functions, we are able to heal our clients in a profounding way. Aiding our lymphatic system is just one of the ways in which we provide a healthy balance between our mind, body, and soul. Our Holistic Health Practitioner program was created to give future massage therapists a wide range of healing modalities to learn and implement into their practice.


Our mission at Healing Hands is to give each student the tools to create a successful, long-lasting career that will provide clients with a unique healing experience.


Want to learn more about how you can be a part of our growing community of healers? As you work towards your career, our Holistic Massage school provides financial aid to help you achieve your goals.  


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