Instructors of Holistic Massage School to Say: “I do!”

Healing Hands School of Holistic Health Director and Shiatsu Class Instructor, Harmony Curtiss, will wed Chris Morgan, multi-course Staff Instructor this coming May!  The announcement was made by Harmony’s mother and school Founder, Paula Curtiss, this past February following the couples mini-vacation getaway.

With the engagement formally announced, Harmony and Chris decided upon the Curtiss home as their venue of choice for their union.  Choosing a traditional ceremony, Harmony says the home she grew up in will be the perfect place for the 200 guests she and Chris expect to attend.   Majestically located atop a mountain, no doubt the 360% views will inspire a happy, naturally beautiful and memorable occasion.

Harmony and Chris’ “back-yard” wedding is set for mid- Spring when the weather is optimal.  They expect the celebration to continue “until the sun rises” so they can enjoy visiting with friends and family before departing for their honey-moon in Cancun the following morning.

Harmony and Chris, who are both Certified Massage Therapists and Holistic Health Practitioners met four years ago through mutual friends who share an interest in the Flow Arts.  A meditation in motion, the aim of this activity is to achieve a state of ‘present moment awareness’ known as ‘Flow’.

Harmony, who has performed fire-spinning (Poi) at Burning Man and other festivals, and Chris who is adept at juggling and other forms of object manipulation, found much more in common than just enthusiasm for their sport. It seems their paths were destined to cross, and once they had, there was no separating them.

Harmony Curtiss, BA, CMT

Christopher Morgan, HHP, CMT

When Chris met Harmony, he worked as a Customer Support Analyst and Professional Trainer but was in

search of something more personally meaningful.  During their courtship, Chris was exposed to the Holistic Healing Arts and became more interested in the field of Massage Therapy.  Offering a combination of physical, mental and energetic focus, Chris soon learned that therapeutic massage empowered him to positively impact others. For Chris, practicing the Healing Arts, has been extremely rewarding.  Moving away from the demands of the Office to balance her time in the classroom, Harmony was on a similar path.  As she dedicated more time teaching others about the body-work she grew up loving, the couple’s paths continued to cross and their affection for one-another deepened.

Enthusiastically recommended for the Staff Instructor Program, Chris began teaching Advanced Circulatory and Sports Massage in 2016. Recently he has taken on two additional core classes, keeping him as involved at the school as Harmony. It seems that the couple that fell in LOVE, also fell into Paula and husband, Neha’s footsteps; joining forces to provide education of the Holistic Healing Arts.

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