Holistic Massage School Shares Tips & Tricks to Promote Environmental Awareness for Earth Day 2019

The ‘Earth Day’ observance was started by San Francisco activist, John McConnel and Senator Gaylord Nelson (Wisconsin) in 1970.  Both gentlemen separately invited Americans to join in a grassroots demonstration to raise awareness of environmental concerns and take steps towards a more sustainable life-style.  Earth Day, as it’s come to be known, is commonly celebrated on April 22nd which falls on a Monday this year.  Suggested activities for Earth Day include cleaning up litter, recycling, conserving energy and water, planting trees or eco-friendly gardens, and spending time in nature. 

“At Healing Hands School of Holistic Health, we’re all about natural remedies for optimal health”, says Harmony Curtiss, Director for the Laguna Hills classroom.  “Since our own personal health and longevity depend upon the health of our Planet, our Faculty and Staff take Earth Day very seriously. The protection and conservation of this planet’s air, water, and natural resources are essential activities for environmental stewardship. Below are a list of ways we promote environmental awareness and advocacy among our students and community of Healers”, she added.

  • Considering the Total Environment – “Holistic Health,” has multiple, interrelated dimensions. it includes the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of an individual which is supported by the health of our total environment. That ‘total environment’ includes our homes, workplaces and neighborhoods as well as the air we breathe, food we consume, and the water we drink.  While the Western approach to health care is typically focused on the physical health of patients and members, Healing Hands ‘Holistic’ approach to health and wellness support this larger reality.
  • Toxic Chemicals Earth Day is relevant to holistic health care, specifically involving the harmful health impacts of toxic chemicals. Accordingly, the school uses only environmentally friendly cleaning products. We also use biodegradable soaps and cleaning products at the school, and sell biodegradable massage oils, lotions and gels to students and Alumni, keeping chemical pollution to a minimum.
  • Food as Medicine Healing Hands’ Holistic Nutrition, and Healthy Dietary Practices courses are just two examples of classes offered that educate students about healthier, more sustainable meal options. The recipes provided in class not only contribute to improved health of our students, the knowledge gained is often shared with friends, family and clients, positively impacting their health as well.
  • Minimizing Waste – Since it’s inception in 1992, Healing Hands has been conscientious about providing recycling bins in every classroom and Administrative office. The Faculty, Staff and students are trained to properly dispose of everything from plastic bottles and aluminum containers to paper, poster-board and cardboard boxes.  They also collect print cartridges, used batteries, and electronic waste so they may be re-cycled or disposed of properly.  We also communicate via e-mails whenever possible instead of using paper envelopes and letters.  The same goes for reviewing documents, which we do on-screen when possible, to avoid printing to paper.
  • Reducing Energy Consumption – According to an energy efficiency research, turning your computer off, then on again does not use more power than leaving it in “sleep” mode. Therefore, at Healing Hands, we plug all our computers and peripheral equipment into power strips with on/off switches to minimize energy consumption. We also use our air conditioning and heating systems very sparingly. When they are used, we set the thermostat at recommended settings of 78 degrees in the summer, and 68 degrees or cooler during the winter months. We use only compact fluorescent light-bulbs, which use 70% less energy than incandescent bulbs, and installed motion-activated light switches to keep energy usage for lighting as low as possible. We also use natural daylight as a free source of lighting for our offices and classrooms. Natural light has been proven to improve worker productivity while reducing energy usage.

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