The Benefits Of Having A Career In Massage Therapy

Becoming a massage therapist provides more than just a stable job. This hands-on approach to healing gives therapists a rewarding career with benefits that many other jobs cannot offer.


Receiving an education in massage therapy at Healing Hands provides a different type of experience for students. With our holistic approach, students are able to learn how to incorporate healing of the mind, body and soul altogether. Each of our campuses in Escondido, Laguna Hills, and Kearny Mesa offer classes that allow students to gain perspective on how holistic health can enhance their client’s massage experience.


Learn why having a career in massage therapy is so beneficial:


The Abundance Of Industries

Massage therapy healing is a career that can involve many different industries. Our graduates have had jobs in industries such as fitness, spas and healthcare. Sports massage therapy techniques treat a variety of clients ranging from the moderately active to the competitive athlete. Working in spas allows for many types of massage techniques to be utilized depending on the client’s needs.The need for massage therapists in healthcare environments is consistently growing. Whether it is in hospitals or rehabilitation centers, patients can heal much quicker through massages.


The Flexibility Of Scheduling

As a licensed massage therapist, you can set your own hours. Depending on where you choose to work, you can enjoy staying busy by being your own boss or work remotely. Massage therapists are able to choose how much or how little they want to work. Being able to have a healthy balance between personal life and work allows therapists to be able to give their clients the best experience possible.


The Enriching Environment

A career in massage therapy provides a relaxing and healing environment. For both the therapist and the client, the massage experience is supposed to bring calmness. With no two days the same, the job is never boring. Also, one of the best aspects of massage therapy is the supportive community. At Healing Hands, once you become a student, you are never alone.


The Ability To Heal Others

The most rewarding aspect of a career in massage therapy is the ability to heal our clients. Massage therapists reduce stress, alleviate sore muscles and joints, lower blood pressure and so much more. A relaxed and blissful client is what every massage therapist strives to create by the end of their session. With an education from Healing Hands, therapists are able to infuse different styles of holistic healing into their massage to give their client a long-lasting, beneficial restorative experience.  



At Healing Hands, it is important to equip our students with not only a deep understanding of massage therapy but also the experience and tools needed to build a successful career.


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  • I’m glad you mentioned being a therapist comes with the benefits of having a flexible schedule. My little sister is unsure about what career to pursue. She needs to make a decision soon, but nothing seems to be the right choice for her. She’s a very easygoing person and enjoys her freedom a lot, so I think this could be a good choice for her to avoid being trapped in an office forever. I really appreciate your information about the benefits of becoming a massage therapist.

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