How To Promote Wellness During Spring

Happy Spring!

Nature is waking up and enjoying its rebirth. Aside from the changing weather, spring represents growth and new beginnings. The spring energy will fuel your personal growth as the days get longer and the sun grows warmer.

This time of year brings brightness, new ideas, the inspiration to try new things, and that long anticipated vitamin D.

At Healing Hands, part of our commitment to our students involves promoting a holistic lifestyle. When we are aware of our wellness habits, we can nurture our clients with proper healing.


Promote spring wellness with these tips:


Spend Time In Nature

As our schedules seem to get busier, spending time outside is a mindful decision. Committing time to be outdoors brings more happiness, peace, and energy to your being. Soak up the spring energy by connecting with nature. Taking breaks from the hustle of your day will help you regain balance and provide you with more focus to take on tasks. Even something as little as a stroll around your neighborhood will bring a positive light to your mind, body, and soul.


Refresh Your Diet

A part of creating a holistic lifestyle is nurturing our bodies with healthy foods that will give us energy for the day. While winter provided the comfort of warm meals, this new season brings light and fresh flavors. Springtime produce is plentiful, so head to your local farmer’s market to find nutritious foods to incorporate into your diet.


Renew Your Resolutions

Have you forgotten about your New Year’s resolutions yet? Spring is a great time to revisit your goals and intentions for 2019 and find ways to cultivate healthy habits. Living holistically is an ongoing choice that cannot be perfected. Use this new, bright season as encouragement to stick to a lifestyle centered around wellness.


Holistic Living Retreat

One of our favorite ways to implement wellness into our students’ lives in the spring is through our Holistic Living Retreat. This two-day retreat reminds us that living a balanced and health-conscious life can foster a powerful state of wellness. By modeling a more holistic approach to life, students help their clients rediscover their own innate power and ability for self-healing.


Our Holistic Living Retreat gives students the opportunity to unwind, rejuvenate and reconnect with nature and a community of like-minded healers. Students will sleep under the stars, and enjoy nutritious, simple meals and a variety of fun activities like yoga, T’ai Chi, breathwork, and meditation. This popular, Springtime retreat takes place in a beautiful, natural setting located in the heart of an undeveloped canyon complete with fresh- water creek. With no modern conveniences to distract them, students are immersed in outdoor, holistic living. Both students and graduates are invited to attend and experience two days of personal growth, learning, healing, and love. To find more information, speak to our office staff at any of our campuses.


Taking care of our entire being allows us to heal our clients in the most successful way possible.

The beginning of the new season also brings our Spring Session! We have courses in massage therapy and holistic health for campuses in Escondido, Laguna Hills, and Kearny Mesa.