Holistic Massage School Shares the Health Benefits of Having a Sister

Holistic Health, or whole health; mind, body, and spirit, requires that we develop a capacity for both emotional expression and emotional connection.  According to a 2010 research study at Brigham Young University, ‘Sisters’ help us do both!   The study found that people with sisters enjoyed more emotional sharing and support which increased emotional health in their family.

Whether you’re Birth Sisters, Soul Sisters, or friends who bond like Sisters, ….. Sisters enrich our lives!

Below is a list of several other scientifically proven health benefits having a sister blesses us with….

  1. Sisters facilitate emotional expression and connection in their families. They help their siblings feel more peaceful, positive and loved.
  2. Sisters help us know ourselves and feel loved for who we are! Sisters provide a safe-haven for siblings to share their authentic self.
  3. Sisters provide and model nurturing behavior such as empathy and interest, making siblings feel loved.
  4. Sisters are often the first to hear our most personal thoughts, feelings and concerns. They help us build trust and confidence in ourselves and others.
  5. People with sisters are generally more kind and giving than those without.
  6. Arguments among siblings provide fertile ground for developing important social skills. These include tolerance, empathy, negotiation, compromise, and conflict resolution.
  7. People with sisters experienced less guilt, stress and negativity and felt more balanced and enthusiastic about life in general.
  8. Men who grew up with sisters enjoyed greater ease speaking to women and experienced more empathy and less anxiety when dating.
  9. Sisters often serve as a support system helping to make their siblings stronger, more independent, and more intent on setting and achieving goals.
  10. Siblings with sisters experienced less fear and loneliness than those who didn’t. Sisters are especially helpful to adolescent siblings who struggle with issues they feel they can’t share with their parents.

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Laura Padilla-Walker, Professor and lead author on the research regarding the affect siblings have on each other at BYU’s School of Family Life.