Prepare For Your Career As A Massage Therapist With Classes At Healing Hands

At Healing Hands, we are dedicated to providing our students in Laguna Hills, Escondido, and Kearny Mesa with an educational environment that guides them into a promising career path in massage therapy.

While all of our courses help teach our students the modalities of massage, we have dedicated a few of them to help prepare for real-life experiences.

Learn more about the courses that help shape our students’ professional careers in massage therapy:

Clinical Massage
The 20-hour Clinical Massage program is designed to give the serious Holistic Health Practitioner student real-life experience in a clinical setting. In addition to practicing their hands-on massage therapy skills and draping techniques, students learn how to interact with new clients, establish a rapport, demonstrate a responsible work ethic and professionally handle client paperwork. This course also educates students about employer expectations and prepares them for professional job interviews.

Clinical Practicum For The Massage Therapist
If a student is enrolled in our Massage Therapy Program, the 50-hour Clinical Practicum For The Massage Therapist course is required. Similar to our Clinical Massage course, this class is designed to give the massage therapy student an extended experience inside a clinic. Students practice their hands-on massage therapy skills, professional communication skills, draping techniques, and on-the-job work ethics. This course prepares the massage therapist for hands-on job interviews and job expectations.

Spa Techniques
Spa Techniques add new dimensions to your collection of bodywork modalities. This course introduces the student to a variety of commonly offered spa treatments that promote optimal health while still helping the client relax and unwind. Through lecture, discussion and hands-on practice, students learn about a variety of treatments to detoxify and exfoliate the body. The treatments explored in the course include body-wraps infused with herbal preparations, seaweed, salt scrubs or essential oils. This is a must-take course for any massage student who is considering working in a spa environment.

Professional Practices
Professional Practices gives students the skills they need to pass their licensing state exam (MBLEx) and supports the professional decisions graduates will make upon entering the field. During this homework-intensive course, students should be prepared to talk about test anxiety, testing skills, learning habits and tools, and develop rigorous study habits in preparation for the exam. The professional practices included are benefits and contraindications of massage, ethics, boundaries and laws, and compassionate but firm communication skills. Business practices will include career development, budgeting and financing skills, business operations, records, and security. This course includes clinical terminology for a review of Anatomy, Kinesiology and Pathology.

At Healing Hands, it is important to equip our students with not only a deep understanding of massage therapy but also the experience and tools needed to build a successful career. Along with these courses, we also offer lifetime resume and interview help and send frequent job opportunities to ensure they are always getting the necessary support.

Interested in becoming a student in Escondido, Laguna Hills, or Kearny Mesa? We have a lot of programs that can help with tuition.  We also have programs for veterans. Give us a call at (800) 355-6463 or schedule a tour at any of our campuses.