Holistic Massage School Shares – How To Create a Life Changing Vision Board (Part 2 of 2)


Step Three – Collect Images that inspire and motivate you.

Here’s when it starts getting fun!  You’ll want to explore a variety of different sources for your potential content.  Whatever you choose, make sure the images appeal to you and demand your focus. All words used on your vision board must have a positive, appealing tone, and phrased to reflect present tense, ie: “I enjoy eating healthy, nutritious meals that help me maintain a healthy weight” as opposed to “I will starve myself until I reach my goal weight”. 

Sources may include:

  • Images found on-line via search engines
  • Images shared on Pinterest
  • Topic specific websites or E-magazines
  • Websites for Inspirational Quotes
  • Websites with Positive Affirmations
  • Personal photos, drawings, poems, prayers
  • Print Magazines, newspapers, greeting cards
  • Original affirmations specific to your circumstances

Step Four – Put it all together and Make it Happen!

Keep in mind, this is your Vision Board, so it should reflect your unique personality, preferences and potential.  Let go preconceived limitations and let your Spirit soar!  In addition to the desired end, focus on the process to accomplish your goals.  Above all, keep it positive, inspiring and challenging enough to inspire growth.

Choose colors that reflect the nature and content of your vision board.  Use strong colors like red, yellow and bright green to denote excitement, energy, and achievement. Use soothing colors like light blue, pale pink and soft teals to relay peace, calm and serenity.  Make sure to include plenty of images and inspirational sayings.  Relate them to the specific steps you’ll take to reach your goals.

Look for images that reflect the characteristics you’d like to see in your best Self.  For example, if you’re working on becoming less judgmental, find a picture that symbolizes acceptance of others. If you’d like to feel less fearful, include a picture of a fearless warrior or to feel less anxious, include a photo of a roaring Lion. Find images that are strong, bold and empowering.

Choose images that also reflect your desires, such as a slimmer, healthier, stronger physique. Or a new wardrobe, class in Holistic cooking, a new car, or new career! There is no right or wrong way to create a vision board, so you can’t get it wrong.  And, everyone who takes the time to create one can benefit.  Here’s how….

Benefits of a Vision Board:

  1. Vision Boards help us achieve our goals. They are intended to help you identify and clarify your goals, dreams and aspirations in life. They include the necessary steps to reach our goals, as well as why we are choosing to make them a reality. Knowing what you seek and how to proceed, greatly increases your probability of success.
  2. Vision Boards reconnect us to our inner childhood, like making a list of toys we want for our birthday. They can inspire excitement, creativity and keep us motivated.
  3. Vision Boards can boost our drive and determination. They are a daily reminder that we have a sense of purpose and reason for living and thriving.
  4. Having a vision board helps strengthen our resolve when encountering challenges or obstacles to our goals along the way.
  5. Creating a vision board is an exercise in thinking outside the box. Vision Boards help you move beyond self-imposed limitations and explore your true potential.  You may not think a new home is attainable in your near future, however, a vision board allows you to open yourself to new opportunities that may make your dreams a reality over time.

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